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Bot War - the war wages on (clearing the backlog)

Bot War - the war wages on (clearing the backlog)

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A new year begins, and with it an update to my backlog tracker. It was definitely a productive year on the painting front, but I also bought quite a few new Bot War releases as well. This means I had to review the data I started last year and bring it up to date.


Whilst at it I also decided to add in the points values for the units so I can see just how many options I have available. The typical game of Bot War is between 80-100 points so knowing how many points I have painted for each faction shows me how much variety I can have in my lists.


The data itself is split into 3 main categories representing the status of each of the miniatures in terms of Traders Galaxy availability:

  • Current – its in the current rules and on general availability
  • Legacy – this model may be an old sculpt of a current character or one that is no longer available.
  • Promo – miniatures with this categorisation are limited run, collectors pieces or challenge/competition rewards. Some have rules but not all do and can be an alternative sculpt of a current or legacy character.

All models are then separated into their relevant faction, and then simply listed as painted or unpainted. There are additional attributes recorded in the data but not shown in the tables at this time that lists material (resin/metal/plastic) and subfactions such as Builders, Ducal’s Defenders, Special Branch etc. which could be useful if I want to build themed lists.

Anyway, with that established, on with the data.

Stock check!
Stock check!

161 unpainted miniatures from the current Bot War range…. I guess that’s my goal for 2023 then.



The Bot War continues!

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I’m not even acknowledging the existence of this project.. bah! humbug! 😉

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