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Bot War – the war wages on (clearing the backlog)

Bot War – the war wages on (clearing the backlog)

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Project Blog by rum8le Cult of Games Member

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About the Project

It's time to knuckle down and clear my Bot War backlog. I have a huge amount of minis to paint covering most (but not all) factions, and these bots need to see the light of day in my cabinets with a nice 80s paint job. Disclaimer: PLEASE NOTE I am in no way sponsored or affiliated with Bot War or Traders Galaxy, I am just a fan of the game, the miniatures, and universe Anthony has created, its the miniatures range I have always wanted so I’m happy to share my enjoyment of them where I can and hopefully see this game grow and grow. I'll also be making a big push to get some factions ready for gaming at Beachhead 2022 in February where I'll be running a demo table with some fellow hobby heads.

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Round Two - Trashers

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With the first round of Bots complete I’ve decided it’s time to tackle the Trashers.

These are a very close attack faction with lots of aggressive bots that will really offer a different flavour when playing he game. The first few games I played it was mostly about guarding and controlling firing lanes, and only really pushing movement to capture objectives, so having a force that excels at closing the gap and getting in the opponents face will be fun to try out.

Trashers entering the paint queue Trashers entering the paint queue
Trashers primedTrashers primed
Trashasaur, metallic basecoated with scale75 Decayed metal > Copper > Brass WorkupTrashasaur, metallic basecoated with scale75 Decayed metal > Copper > Brass Workup

15x Trashers, 4x Generators, and also the Trashasaur combiner are hitting the paint queue. Stay tuned for the next exciting update….




….. Oh and this little lot is going to get cleaned up!

Round Two - Trashers

Round One - COMPLETE

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It’s been a few weeks, but 2022 has started off well as I’ve managed to make a decent start on the backlog.

The Turbo Edition COILS have all been painted up, with only a few touchups left to go.

These have all been finished to a tabletop level, some have had a bit more effort than the others, and to get them to the table quicker I have gone for clear bases. These are definitely gaming pieces and I have so many to get through, getting the backlog cleared as soon as possible is the priority.

Turbo Edition COILS completedTurbo Edition COILS completed

I have also finished up the Valiants from both the Turbo Edition and 2nd Edition starter sets.  The only one missing so far is Ducal who is the leader of the Valiants, as such he will have a little bit more time spent on him. General Duc will lead this faction on the meantime and I have used the model to pay homage to a Valiant leader of a well known franchise close to my heart.  I have got another General Duc which I will paint in the Boxart scheme to match the rest of the Valiants. The reason I’m going for boxart is because there are so many of them (I have over 50) and each has their own colour (compared to a unified scheme as seen on the COILS), so matching the art will make it easier to find the gaming cards and remember who is who.

Valiants from 2nd Edition and Turbo EditionValiants from 2nd Edition and Turbo Edition

With this round of Bots completed I managed to rope a mate into having a couple of games. After collecting and being involved in this game from the hobby side for a few years, actually playing the game was really fun. I’m not a massive wargamer anymore, not since GW blew up the Old World and made all my old armies redundant (yes I did try Kings of war but it wasn’t the same), so getting Turbo Edition COILS vs Starter Edition Valiants in a 60 v 60 point game was great. Rules were easy to pick up, and it won’t be long before I’ve remembered all the special abilities, and then I can look into competitive list building.


My first game of Bot War, Scenario 1, fighting for Pringle TowerMy first game of Bot War, Scenario 1, fighting for Pringle Tower

Starting with the Starter sets

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Starting with the Starter sets

Getting bored of sorting and updating spreadsheets, I’ve started to build and get some paint down on the remaining starter factions I had from the 2nd edition starter, and the recent Turbo Edition.

This will give me a decent selection of Valiants from the 2 sets and a starter force of COILS from the Turbo Edition. I already painted the Atlanticans from the starter set so it’s getting the rest of the starter box finished up at the same time I paint the Turbo Edition Valiants seemed logical to me

It's a 10mm game, big bots can do serious damage! It's a 10mm game, big bots can do serious damage!

After some cleanup and a quick soapy rinse the resins came out lovely and were easily assembled.

They were all given a quick blast of Badger Stynelrez grey primer (to give a neutral starting position) which I then went over with Liquitex white ink that had a little MIG Ammo Ultra Matte varnish in to give it a bit more body and reduce the shine of the ink. This was then sprayed laterally and from a zenith all in varying amounts to give a stating highlight point. The COILS had a very light coat, as they will ultimately be dark grey/black, and the Valiants had more coverage as they will be more vibrant colours.

I’m not looking to achieve anything groundbreaking here, just a solid foundation that I can through colours over.


So much data

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I have started the process of cataloguing all of my bots. Using a very sophisticated system of a spreadsheet, a heavy duty supermarket bag, and 2 cardboard boxes.  The bag has all of the individual bot packs in, I take one out, log it on the spreadsheet, and then if it is metal it goes in one box, resin the other.


The spreadsheet is used to define the following attributes of a bot:

  • Name
  • Faction
  • Material (Metal/Resin)
  • Traders Galaxy state (Current/Legacy/Promo)
  • Subfaction/Notes

After doing this for a while the data starts to look something like this…

A sample of the dataA sample of the data

One problem I have found is that I can’t remember all of the bots names, and as I have a large number of legacy miniatures which have either been fully discontinued or updated with newer versions.  Quite a few were purchased from the Traders Galaxy site directly so don’t have any merchandising stickers on with the contents, or they simply have “Promo” on the label so I’m having to dig through old Facebook posts and my archive of stat cards to try and determine who the Bot may be.


The other problem I have is the sorting I have done. Whilst I split them into 2 boxes to have metal in one and resin in the other for protection, I should have actually split between Current/Legacy status.  I’d rather paint all current models first and get them to the table, then work through the legacy pile in slow time.  So I need to go back and resort the pikes I’ve done so far. Any I can’t identify will then also go into the Legacy box. Promos will go into the Current box.

I may also add a column to the spreadsheet to identify how keen I am to paint it, because there are definitely some bots I want to get done first. So I may look to add a priority to the entries to help sort this.

** Data Update…. January 17th 2022

So much data
Painted vs unpaintedPainted vs unpainted

Humble beginnings

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Welcome to my 4th Bot War project.

You can check out my previous Bot War OnTableTop project blogs:

Cult of the Destroyer

Atlanticans Rising


Painting Challenge 2020

This one though is the biggie, the one to rule them all, the final push, it’s time to clear the backlog!


I became interested in Bot War around April/May 2019 after seeing a Twitch hobby streamer talking about them in one of the streams I frequent. As a huge fan of 80s kids cartoons and toy lines I knew this was going to be something I wanted to get in on. I finally pulled the trigger on my first purchases in August 2019 and since then I’ve loved collecting and supporting the game, knocking out painting projects every now and then, but as I’m a painter first and game second I jump around all manner of hobby projects. Like many other hobbyists who’ve been involved for multiple decades, our backlogs are huge and our list of potential projects is stupidly long. My Bot War collection is no different. Its time to change that. Its time to get this lot painted…..

The backlog, those packets are layers deep as wellThe backlog, those packets are layers deep as well

The plan

Usually I would fire up my PC and go searching for references, start mocking up colour schemes and figuring out paint palette options, but this is not like those other projects. What I will do is start planning what I want to paint, and I’ll be honest, I can’t remember everything I have in my backlog.

I’ll fire up a spreadsheet and start to catalogue everything during the week, this will help me with balancing the different factions. I know I have the majority of the Infesters, Trashers, Beastlords, Democracy, Valiants, and Deceivers factions. I have a decent amount of COILS, some Overlords, but at present, I don’t have any Red Star Nation (which I find strange as I loved both Centurions and DinoRiders growing up).

I have recently received the new Turbo Edition Starter set and so will be starting with these as the new COILS look fantastic, and as a mini-challenge for this project I have signed up to run a demo table of Bot War at Bournemouth’s Beachhead 2022 event in February. For that I will be looking to have a few factions that I can have playable on the day, but to also have a few on display.  Given I already have Atlanticans and Deceivers painted up, I figure having Valiants, COILS, Infesters, and Democracy forces available for play would be a good goal… I think I have 10 weeks to do this. Whilst I won’t have everything painted, 2.5 weeks should be sufficient to get a decent force ready, and I won’t be looking at going past a high tabletop level for the painting and will mostly be following the boxart. As there are now unit stat cards this will help for any demo purposes as well as saving my brain trying to come up with original schemes.


So, let the war rage on, and let’s battle this bot backlog!

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