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Busty Dredd

Busty Dredd

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Simple beginings

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So I have started about 15 busts or larger scale models, none have been finished. For someone who prides himself in finishing in record time. This is a problem.

So I found this model a month earlier while struggling with another bust. it wasn’t going well but I was powering through, so dismissed this. After going back to that bust for the 5th time I took the decision to abandon it and bin it, it just wasn’t fun anymore. leaving my hopes of finishing a bust in ruins.

The problem is it takes to long for me to paint a bust. This allows time for hate or dislike to grow. So I thought the limited pallet of Dredd may be perfect and pulled the model back out, supported then printed it on Friday morning.

Before I printed this I took off the pre made base in Mesh Mixer. I just didn’t like it, more of a me than an it thing. I just by tilted it, split it then fixing the hole, shrank it then supported this in the slicer.

The sculpt is not accurate to any Judge Dredd I knew I looked at some old books and then I realised that no two Dredds were really the same, even within the same book, it’s actually part of the charm. The only commonality seem to be the lower jaw and the badge and that was about right.

The model after the changes. The model after the changes.

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Ooh Wow Dredd looks fabulous looking @soapdodger congratulations on the gold button.

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