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Busty Dredd

Busty Dredd

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Painting Round 2

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So going back to the bust, no longer distracted by the glitz and glamour of the Plinths and sunning the bin. I started to paint.

I took each colour block in turn.

I started with the yellow/ gold. I painted this in thin layers. I went for more yellow than gold. mainly because of the fact that all edges were curved and I didn’t want to lose myself in this.

I used black, ochre brown, yellow ochre and silver grey mixed to paint this.

Yellow DoneYellow Done

I then moved onto details.

I used some of the express paint and added red for the lips. greys for the stubble. and white to highlight the skin and black got the shades. I used a blue grey for the see-through section and added some flesh tones to outline a weak nose you could barely see through it.

I outlined the rims on red and used black and red inks to keep this super red on the right and shaded on the left. Overall I am happy with the results but could have spent more time. But I needed finished not perfect here.

Face and detailsFace and details

I like the jacket but it was very desaturated. so I went in with periscopes by Vallejo to boost the saturation and set the light a bit more to be darker on the left. I added greys and blacks to this to paint it and tried to add some bright spots to make it look a little like some future rubber.  Again very far from perfect but Done was the goal.


I will probably just jump to the finish here. I have typed enough. So will finish the green chat in a sec.

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