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Marvel Crisis Protocol by Lawnor

Marvel Crisis Protocol by Lawnor

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Introduction and Planning

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I’ve been interested in trying MCP since it first landed, but with no one to play I’ve avoided buying in to it.  Recently my friends have started playing so I’ve finally picked some up, thanks to eBay, and a £50 OTT voucher from last years Spring Cleaning Challenge.  It’s time to start work on it all so why not gather all my plans and progress and eventual paint recipes all together in one place, and maybe win another voucher if I’m very lucky?

My Best Tutorial 2022 project:

OTT challenge winners announcement weekender:

My bit of the video:



So what are my goals?  I want to get a playable team painted and built.  I believe the expectation is you turn up at a table with 10 models, but only pick 6 to play with, based on the points limit of the scenario (Please correct me if I’m wrong).  So I need to get 6 models minimum done, but ideally 10 before I can get distracted.  I also have a big distraction on the horizon.  Diablo 4 is due 6/6/23 and I expect it to swallow me whole, at least until I’ve completed the core campaign.  Any time sensitive hobby I want to get done, should be done before that happens.  So here is my goal:

Tier 1: Get at least 6 characters from the core box done before 6/6/23
Tier 2: Get all characters from the core box done by 6/6/23
Tier 3: Start work on the terrain and explore other options for this

I’ll be aiming for “best bang for your buck” level of painting.  Squeezing out the best quality I can, without sinking too much time or effort in.  I’ve still got a backlog of other stuff to catch up on, and more kickstarters due later this year.  I can always take more time over later models, once I’ve got a playable force.


My Stuff

Currently owned:

  • Core Set (eBay bargain)
  • Hulk (Thanks to OTT Voucher)
  • Black Panther and Killmonger (Thanks to OTT Voucher)
  • Shuri and Okoye (They seem to be moving towards 4 model affiliation packs, so seemed wise to buy this now before it goes out of production)
  • NYC Terrain Pack (It was less than half price where I bought Shuri from, and pushed me up to qualifying for free delivery.  A cracking bargain!)

If my maths is correct, that’s 34 models to get painted.  I don’t plan on painting widgets.


Planning and Inspiration

I’ll be looking at the videos of a few Youtubers, but probably not following their guides to the letter in most cases.  Exceptions will likely be things like Captain America’s shield.  I’ve no idea how to paint that so it looks shiny, without it looking wet.

Youtube channels with helpful MCP guides I’ll be looking at:


If you can think of more reference material please let me know.  There are a few OTT projects I can look in to, too.  I’d be particularly interested in guides covering those buildings.  Does anyone have opinions on if any of the terrain is better painted before or after assembly?  Tyres might be better done separately.  The lights etc are probably fine to just build.  Dunno if those buildings are better to have some bits done as sub assemblies.

Given I’ll be starting with the core box characters, lets assemble a gallery if images in one place so I can see at a glance what’s what, and hopefully save time by painting different but similar models at the same time as each other.

At a glance we can see a few things:

  1. There are 3 models that are 90% red and blue so can be painted together
  2. There are 3 models that are mostly black so can be painted together
  3. These galleries are capped at 9 images in size, which is annoying when I only meant to post pics of 10 characters
  4. I clearly have time on my hands right now and nothing more productive to do with it

I’m feeling a lot better about my deadline now I’ve done this.  You can paint 3 similar models in about the same time you can paint 1, if you’re not going overboard.

If anyone has some appropriately scaled printer ready newspapers, leaflets etc they could send me to help decorate those bases, I’d be grateful.  They come with disposable cups for this, but I’m not sure I want them everywhere.  I don’t want to paint 3mm tall Starbucks cups with logos, and if everyone has a red solo cup then are they all alcoholics?  I don’t know if anyone has modded the minis so they’re all drinking, perhaps calling it Marvel Crisis Partytime?

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I’m looking forward to seeing some superheros!

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