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Anyone seen my Pachyderm

Anyone seen my Pachyderm

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Time to tackle the Pachyderm

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It was time to tackle the Pachyderm someone bought me.

Now this is going old school with a metal elephant from Armorum and Aquila miniatures. A nice enough model but did require a load of plastic putty to fill the gaps when putting it together.

Filled, filed and filled again Filled, filed and filled again

It was first given a base coat of grey and then a wash of Nuln Oil to dull it down.

Darkened down Darkened down

Next after that was dry it was a matter of giving it a coat of Army Painter soft tone to introduce a “browner” tone, this was followed by a couple of dry brushes first of dark sand and finally a dark flesh tone around the truck and the ears.

Soft ToneSoft Tone
Flesh dry brush Flesh dry brush

It was then a matter of picking out the details and adding a couple of shield transfers. Nearly there just need to varnish and sort out the crew.

Almost there Almost there

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