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Lake Town in need of Spring Cleaning!

Lake Town in need of Spring Cleaning!

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Detailing the dormers

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So when we left this, I’d got as far as tiling the roof, but had run out of tiles, so was waiting for some more to be delivered. Well, they’ve arrived ed so yay!

You might remember that the formers are just clear plastic protective corners, that I’d trimmed to fit the roof. Here’s how I’ve turned them into detailed roof sections.

A basic plastic triangle A basic plastic triangle

I got hold of some 3D printed resin windows online. They were quite sticky on arrival but then I remembered reading that resin prints like ultraviolet light, so I popped them on the windowsill for a day and they seem fine.

Taking a window, I glued it to the front, underneath some beams I made from trimmed matchsticks.

Matchstick beams and resin windowMatchstick beams and resin window

With that done, I then tiled over the roof using the same tiles as previously.

I cut some coffee stirrers into little angled pieces and glued them in place too as wooden cladding.

A little fiddly – but wow! What a great finished look!

A finished dormerA finished dormer

I’m going to add a little leading where the former meets the main roof, and perhaps a matchstick windowsill, but this is great progress and really has given me confidence that these plastic corners can work on the other buildings too.

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