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PanzerKaput Goes To Barons' War

PanzerKaput Goes To Barons' War

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The Building of Fort Gummy Bear, Part 1

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Fort Gummy BearFort Gummy Bear

I recently purchased a 3D Resin printer for the express propose of printing terrain, buildings and all those little bits and pieces to make the gaming table look good. There was a few good deals on around Prime Deal and I saw the Elegoo Mars 3 4K printer was going for a song. I rationalised the spending on it simply as I the Outremer Fort for Barons War and this would cost me about £200 and the cost of the printer was about this, so in my mind it made sense, buy the printer and print the fort and it ahs paid for itself. Okay, I missed the part about buying resin, lol.

So sending about £50 on resin, still paid for itself in the end.

This was the first time with a 3D printer and I have always been a bit intimidated by them, hearing so many stories about you need to dial in this, be aware of that, its chemicals and it will kill you if you are not careful, etc, etc. Actually it wasn’t as bad as all that. Being a resin printer, it is a plug and print experience and I am a total noob but I managed to get the hang of it. Okay it is not fully dialled in but the results are rather good.

I have to say the files for the Outremer fort where set up for a resin printer and the perfect for the build plate size too. This was my start project using the resin and decided to print the round tower first. So I hit print and off we went. So once I have finished the printing my wife put a tealight in it and turned it into a lamp, go figure.

Once I finished printing the tower I when around the fort printing each part in turn.

I made some mistakes on the way, learnt so lessons, biggest one is don’t remove the supports before it dries, especially on large flat areas, learnt how to correct them, a hairdryer to heat up the resin, straighten it and then a heavy object to keep it flat while cooling down.

Gluing it together was a pain, but after a while but I found that but contact adhesive and super glue worked, with super glue you have to wait to it goes a little tacky and bind, vice, generally hold together until set.

Also plan when building and printer these big beasts. It is amazing the amount of help and support I got from fellow hobbyists. This is a big beast, maybe a little too big for my first project but I am glad I did it. It was straight forward and once done looked amazing and I felt so good done it.

I know there is a question that everyone asks, why the red resin? This simple answer is that it was the cheapest water washable resin available, so used that. I figured it is going to be primed and painted so the actual colour makes no real difference. Thus Fort Gummy Bear was born.

Next part is the painting of the beast.

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