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PanzerKaput Goes To Barons' War

PanzerKaput Goes To Barons' War

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The Building of Fort Gummy Bear, Part 2

Tutoring 10
Skill 11
Idea 11
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Fort Gummy BearFort Gummy Bear

After printing it all the next stage is to make it less jelly sweet like and more stone like but had to decide what the stone should be like. In the end I decided on a sandy stone colour as the fort is mainly going to be used for my Outremer games of Barons’ war and so it made sense to go for the sandy colour of the arid region of the middle east.

I have to admit here that there is no amazing tricks of the trade in painting this as it is a lot of dry brushes and washes and nothing much more. So the stones.

Before anything I primed the whole fort using a black spray paint for quickness and ease and then zenith a white spray paint from above as a 45 degree (ish) angle. This is the basis for the drybrushing next. Look no magic or clever things.

So start is the main stone work I drybrushed Vallejo Model Colour Middlestone dry to use it that sandy/yellow colour. This was a very rough and heavy drybrush and I left patches of the prime showing to help give it that stoney look. Then I drybrushed the next level which was of Vallejo Model Colour German Pale Brown, the best beige colour, this time is a bit more control. After this came the final layer of Vallejo Model Colour Dark Sand.

The plastic work on the castle I painted using Vallejo Model Colour Yellow Ochre, a lovely colour as the base of the plaster. Then a drybrushed Vallejo Colour Dark sand as the midtone, so the rough plaster would stand out and if it got on the stones it wouldn’t show. The fainl light drybrush was in Vallejo Game Colour Elfic Flesh

Then I wanted a bit of detail, contrast to the sandy stone and on the band I wanted a reddy brown colour, like the Welsh and Byzantine castles. This was simply done by paint the band in Vallejo Game Colour Charred Brown and then roughly painted Vallejo Game Colour Terracotta and finally a drybrush of Vallejo Game Colour Tan.

The wooden areas where painted first Vallejo Model Colour German Grey and then I picked out the individual planks using the following colours Vallejo Game Colour Cark Fleshtone, Vallejo Game Colour Parasite Brown and Vallejo Game Colour Filthy Brown. Then I drybrushed all the wooden areas using Vallejo Game Colour Elfic Flesh, followed by a watery wash of Vallejo Model Colour German Grey. After this had dried I added another very light drybrush of Vallejo Game Colour Elfic Flesh.

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