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2024 Painting Log

2024 Painting Log

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Does terrain count?

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Well, I’ve just spent nearly three weeks of hobby time on it, so I’m going to say yes. Especially when it comes to plastic Star Wars: Shatterpoint buildings and bridges — they have enough detail bits that they often feel more like figures than terrain.

I don’t really like assembling miniatures, but I do enjoy painting them. I have found that the opposite is true when it comes to terrain: I enjoy the assembly but painting those wide, flat expanses of wall can get boring, and my usual techniques (washes, drybrushing) are either much more difficult or don’t really do anything useful.

In this case, however, I think these came out okay. The tan buildings were primed in Army Painter Leather Brown primer, and the bridges and rooftops in black. It was a rare case where I used spray primer, as brush-on would look awful on all those flat surfaces.

When I painted the terrain from the Shatterpoint base set I assembled first, then primed & painted, but for these (the “High Ground” terrain pack), I primed and did some of the basic painting first, then assembled, then touched up the details, which I think was a little easier, or at least faster. most of the painting was drybrushed tan or silver, then I went in and did all the wires and control panels. For the grey concrete I did a base coat of a mid-grey, then drybrushed in a lighter grey.

I’m happy to have these done, but I’ll be even happier to get back to some actual tiny fighting men. I’ve got miniatures for Gangs of Rome and Star Trek: Away Missions in various stages of prep, plus a bunch of the Wyrm Forge “Sky Wars” characters who look like they’ll be a lot of fun to paint.

2024 models painted so far: still 8

2024 terrain pieces painted so far: let’s call it 7 (3 buildings and 4 bridges) and not worry about the ladders and boxes.

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