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Kevlin’s Renegade knight

Kevlin’s Renegade knight

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About the Project

In the beginning of the year I did a hobby pledge to finish my Renegade knight. Here is a try to revive that pledge.

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Time to catch up

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In the beginning of 2017 some of us did a hobby pledge here on BoW. Check it out here:

Hobby Pledges 2018 resurrected

Among my pledges was a renegade knight that had long been neglected. Lying in a box on my shelf for a year I took it down today and felt like I needed to do something with it.

Time to catch up

This is what I have done with it so far. A few failed attempts at painting it and some newbie greenstuff work later I felt like I want to paint it up at least. It will look a little better with paint on it and that way I can start to play with it.

It is my first fumbling steps with the airbrush but It’s fun but hard as hell to get it right. Wish me luck 🙂