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Painting Silver Tower

Painting Silver Tower

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Project Blog by Zilkmax

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About the Project

I am slowly working my way through the silver tower box set painting the models to the best of my ability. These are some of the first models I've painted in about 3 years and I'm hoping to get more into the hobby and better with each mini I paint.

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On a more interesting note

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Now we come to what I just finished today, my first ever attempt at non metallic metal! also the first model I’ve painted in a year and a half! Super happy with what I was able to accomplish here and I defentinly think this is my best looking model now. I have a lot to learn to really improve my non metallic metal technique but I’m happy I tried.

Been a while...

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Here are some models that I did before my hiatus that I never posted from silver tower. On the cultist dudes I tried to do like a torn flesh musculature look and I think for the most part I was pretty successful.

Finished Blue Horrors

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Here are the finished Blue Horrors. Very Proud of my work on these ones, I really feel like I was able to make them pop and come to life with my color choice. Hope you all enjoy them too.

Finishing Blue Horrors

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Hands were Done in 3 Steps

-Base of 50/50 Sotek Green/Water

-Wash of Coellia Greenshade

-Highlight of 75/25 Temple Gaurd Blue/Water


Eye And Flames

-Base coated the eye and the Flames with Some really old Skull White mixed with water

-Washed the eye first with Cadmium Yellow then added a small highlight of Flash Gitz


-Basecoated with White because the BlueGray Primer I used turns all yellow Green upon contact

-2 Thin coats of 50/50 Flash Gitz Yellow/Water

-Highlight 50/50 Fire Dragon Bright/Water

-Highlight 50/50 Troll Slayer Orange/Water

-Highlight -50/50 Evil Sunz Scarlet/Water

-Drybrush tips with any black


Teeth and Nails

-Base 50/50 Water/ Flayed one Flesh

-Wash Agrax Earthshade

-Highlight Ushabti Bone



-Base 50/50 Screamer Pink/Water 2 Coats

-Wash Carroburg Crimson

-Highlight 50/50 Emperors Children/Water

-Highlight 50/50 Fulgrim Pink /Water

Metallic Bits

-Based Studded bracelets, charm, and knife handle with 50/50 Retributor Armour and Water in 2 thin coats

-Based Knife and other bracelets/anklets with Ironbreaker and water less thin more 75/25 Because Ironbreaker is not a base paint

-Washed Silver with Guilliman Blue

-Washed Gold with Reikland Flesh Shade

-Highlighted everything with Storm Host Silver

Blue Horrors Skin

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The Process For painting was as Follows

-2 Layers 50/50 Caledor Sky and Water

-Wash of watered down Drakenhof Nightshade (eyeballed)

-Layer of 50/50 Lahmian Medium/Teclis Blue

-Layer of 50/50 Lahmian Medium/Baharroth Blue

-Layer of 50/50 Water and Blue Horror

My Big mistake on these guys was I painted the hands blue forgetting I needed to do a more green blue layering on them which I will fix in the next step.

Here is the completed skin on all the Blue Horrors


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Just finished my Skaven for the Silver Tower. Really happy with all the rust effects and everything I was able to accomplish with these. Next up I’ll be doing my blue horrors and I’m thinking of including a painting tutorial on those ones.

First post

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I started working on this project about a month ago but tonight I have decided to make it an actual project on here and post. I hadn’t painted models in a while so this is me more or less finding my way back into miniature painting.

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