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Perchang Working On New Digital Warhammer Quest Game


Perchang has been working on a new Warhammer Quest game set in the Mortal Realms!

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Games Workshop Drop Loads Of New Reveals At NOVA 2018


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A Darkoath Warqueen Leads Armies To War In Age Of Sigmar


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Battle Foam Show Off New Warhammer Quest Foam Insert


If you've picked up the new Warhammer Quest: Shadows Over Hammerhal set from Games Workshop you might want to check out the Foam Tray Insert from Battle Foam.

Perchang To Work On Upcoming Warhammer Quest II: End Times App


Some of you might have played the Warhammer Quest Video Game/App from Rodeo Games. Well, the experience is coming back to your handheld devices with Warhammer Quest II: The End Times from Perchang which will expand on the experience.

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Arcane Heroes & Card Packs Available For Silver Tower


Games Workshop is supporting your continued delves into the mysteries of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower with some new options for you to consider in this offshoot of Age of Sigmar.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Errata & FAQ Now Live


If you've been waiting to get stuck into more from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower then you can now download the FAQ & Errata from Games Workshop.

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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower FAQ On The Way


Games Workshop have put out the call on their Social Media page for Age of Sigmar for you to ask them questions about the rules and gameplay of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Review


We take a look at Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower after a few games and give our thoughts on this new version of a classic...

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Happy Sunday folks and welcome to The Weekender XLBS. Our focus this week is on BIG games, specifically the idea of Mega Games from all different tabletop genres...

Battle Foam Keep Your New Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Goodies Safe


Battle Foam are quick off the mark and they have already started work on a new set of foam and inserts for your Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower collection.

Weekender XLBS: Warhammer Fest Round Up – What’s Ahead?


We continue to catch Warren up on the world of wargaming AND delve into some deeper thoughts and background on Warhammer Fest and what's coming soon from Games Workshop...

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Now Available For Pre-Order


Warhammer Quest has arrived and it's jam packed full of fantastic looking miniatures and an interesting campaign!

Weekender: Exclusive Dark Souls Interview & Warhammer Quest Looks Ace!


GW Show Off Better Images Of Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Heroes


Games Workshop went against the grain this week by showing off proper preview photos of the heroes that you'll be getting in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower which is going to be available in around two weeks.

New Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower In Stores May 21st! [Updated]


So it's finally happening! Warhammer Quest is returning under the new mantle of Age of Sigmar with Silver Tower...

Weekender XLBS: The Eternal Fight For Hobby Space & The Pros & Cons Of Cons


Help Lloyd with his hobby space problem and tell us how you survive at conventions!

Warhammer Quest Returning To The Age Of Sigmar? [Updated]


While it might seem like wishful thinking it appears as if Warhammer Quest may return to the tabletop through the Age of Sigmar. Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower is rumoured to be coming in May of this year from Games Workshop.

Weekender XLBS: Dungeon Delving Special


As well as enjoying the Dungeon Saga Weekend you can get stuck into a Weekender XLBS where we talk all things dungeon delving... Join Backstage Here

Warhammer Quest Is Back With The Adventure Card Game


Warhammer Quest is back from Fantasy Flight Games with the Adventure Card Game. You can find out more about the game below and in the video above!

The Warhammer Quest Journey Continues In Beyond The Grey Mountains


Sit down and get stuck into a new series of episodes for Beyond The Grey Mountains which continues an awesome Warhammer Quest campaign in a new bite sized format.

Warhammer Quest Beyond The Grey Mountains Gets Second Episode!


The second part of the first episode of Beyond The Grey Mountains is now out for you to enjoy! More smashing of goblins and then it's back to town for a bit of an R&R session.

Dungeon Delving Warhammer Quest Coming To PC In 2015!


Warhammer Quest is coming to PC in January and will be available on Steam! Hopefully the port from mobile and tablet devices will work out nicely!

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