Weekender: Exclusive Dark Souls Interview & Warhammer Quest Looks Ace!

May 14, 2016 by lloyd

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We've got a great show for you today where we're delving into the awesome world of Dark Souls and find out more about the game as well as looking ahead to the coming of a new Warhammer Quest...

Competition Prizes

First off however we have a prize to give away this week. You could win a set of...

Predator Youngbloods, Facehuggers, and Sentry Guns

...from Prodos Games. All you have to do is comment below or on Facebook and Youtube.

Competition Winners

As well as prizes to give away this week we also have winners to announce. If you entered the draw for Dark Age Week as the main prize winner...

  • Bigdaddio (BoW) Two 500pt Start Forces + All Of The Goodies You Need To Play

We will be telling you who won those particular faction starters

  • Kenny Cannon (Facebook) Brood
  • Ali Bentley (You Tube) CORE
  • Aramaki (BoW) Kukulkani
  • Alberto Cordero (You Tube) Ice Caste Dragyri
  • Jason Filer (Facebook) Fire Caste Dragyri
  • Branded1865 (BoW) Air Caste Dragyri
  • Rasmus (BoW) Skarrd

Plus, we have the winners of the Aether Captains Set + Stretch Goals AND the lucky person who gets a Jareth 3UP from River Horse's Labyrinth.

Infinity Campaign

In a last bit of an update the Operation Flamestrike Infinity campaign is coming to an end soon. You can still get in and produce some battle reports for us - you could make the difference.


Now it's time for the news!

...what did you like from this week?

Dark Souls Kickstarter Interview

We also sat down with Mat Hart and Richard Loxam to talk about the Dark Souls Board Game which is currently doing exceptionally well on Kickstarter and is ending soon.

Have you been following their project and has it set you on the path to 'Get Good'?

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

News also came out this week about Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower which sees you playing as the heroes from the Age of Sigmar world fighting through an ever-changing labyrinth.

You get some great looking heroes, fantastic monsters, a wealth of adventures to go on and more besides. Could this be the new gateway into Age of Sigmar?


One Kickstarter this week as we look at the Plague Inc. Board Game which has you playing as deadly diseases and infections trying to eradicate humanity.

It sounds grim but it's pretty fun and we think you'll like this one!

Remember to grab a Free Backstage Trial and watch XLBS with us tomorrow morning!

Have a great weekend!

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