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The Blackhawk Light Assault Walker Strides The Battlefields Of DUST


DUST welcomes another walker to the tabletop for the Allies. This time we have the Blackhawk M1B Light Assault Walk – PIAT to give it it’s full title.

Go Premium With The Ranger Character Pack For DUST 1947


If you’re a fan of the Premium Figures from DUST 1947 and an Allied player then see what you make of the new Rangers Character Pack which comes with a set of fully painted figures.

Snap Up The Blutkreuz Korps Character Premium Set For DUST


A Premium Edition Set for the Blutkreuz Korps has popped up from the folks at DUST for those wanting the exquisite ‘pre-painted’ look to their models.

Anti-Air Vehicles & Big Stompy Walkers Available From DUST This Month


Building on their range of models for the Axis and Soviets the folks behind DUST 1947 has put together a collection of new vehicles.

New Horten Aircraft Flies Into DUST Next Year


Previewed on Facebook we got a look at the new Luftwaffe Horten which will be coming next Spring for use in DUST.

DUST Warfare Unit Cards Have Arrived


Paolo Parente’s Dust Warfare ’47 has released updated unit cards for the newest version of this gridless game.

SSU Command Vehicle Gets Outfitted For DUST In 2017


The world of DUST will get itself a new vehicle at the beginning of 2017. The SSU are rocking up with a Command Vehicle which is nearly ready to go into production.

Two Patterns Of Panzer IV-K Arrive For DUST Tactics


DUST Tactics are getting a pair of new Panzer IV-K variants for use on the tabletop soon. Both the Cerberus and Zverograd Pattern will be rolling off the line.

Construct Your Own Fallschirm Or Fly Into The Fighting In DUST


The DUST team have a number of new options open to you for those looking to expand their German army. First up we’re looking at the Fallschirm…

Weekender XLBS: Rusty Tanks Look Awesome & Do We Need More Alternative Models?


Wave Three For DUST’s Operation Babylon Kickstarter To Ship Soon


Great news comes from Battlefront Miniatures in regards to the final resolution of the Operation Babylon Kickstarter.

Preview Figure Roger Pops Up For DUST Off Tournament


DUST welcomes the next DUST Off Tournament in Telford next month from October 15th to the 16th where you will be able to compete in a tournament, a painting competition and a cosplay contest too.

Fight In The Deserts Of Dust With New Game Mat


Dust Studios have released a new gaming mat to take the battle of Dust to the desert.

New Abandoned Compound Middle Eastern Terrain For DUST 1947


Looking to expand your Middle Eastern terrain collection? DUST 1947 has new resin Abandoned Compound Middle Eastern Terrain to bring your DUST game to life.

Power Up New Walkers & Tanks For DUST 1947


DUST Models have added some more Walkers and Tanks to their webstore for both the SSU and the Axis.

Rocket Blasting Walkers & New Terrain For DUST At Gen Con


An Elite Walker and a Flying Ace come to join the roster of new models available for DUST 1947.

Paolo Parente’s DUST 1947 Rules Available For Download [Updated]


Over on the DUST Facebook Group a Download Link is now available for you to snap up the new rules for the re-named game, DUST 1947.

Weekender XLBS: Team Yankee Sneak Peak & Win a Tanks Bundle!


Weekender: Exclusive Dark Souls Interview & Warhammer Quest Looks Ace!


Updated: The DUST Rises As A New Panzer IV-K Tank Rolls Out Soon


Paolo Parente’s DUST welcomes another big vehicle for the Axis in the form of, no not a walker, but the Panzer IV-K Kondor Pattern tank. Maybe John will like this one?

DUST Operation Babylon Kickstarter Update


Paolo Parente has posted an update regarding the Operation Babylon Kickstarter.