Power Up New Walkers & Tanks For DUST 1947

August 17, 2016 by brennon

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DUST Models have added some more Walkers and Tanks to their webstore for both the SSU and the Axis. We'll kick things off by looking at the rumbling tanks of the SSU...

SSU Steel & Tracks

Leading the way for the SSU you have Aleksandr Vasilevsky which is a Heavy Tesla Tank for blasting away your foes.

Aleksandr Vasilevsky

Named after the supreme leader this is a brutal piece of technology and with two Tesla Cannons focused in on the same target it is likely to blast through armour with ease.

Following on from that we have another tank in the form of Sergei Shtemenko.

Sergei Shtemenko

Forget the need for fancy tesla technology. This tank just rolls in with a bloomin' big gun that blasts holes in the enemy ranks and armour. I mean seriously, look at the size of that gun.

Trudging into battle on 'foot' we have the Steel Lighting Squad.

Steel Lightning

Armed with the new Steel Guard armour and equipped with some of the heaviest weapons available to the Axis they are wrecking machines in their own right.

Axis Armour

Now we move onto the German walkers that are going to be clanking into battle. Leading the way we have the Konigslothar.


I don't think I need to tell you much more about this particular walker do I? Aim those big rockets and unleash dozens of them at both dug in infantry and armour alike.

Following on from this we have the slightly smaller Jagdloki.


Here we have a good anti-aircraft unit that could be used to protect your allies from attack. It's always useful to have something that can spit explosive death into the air.

Finally we have the Hermann which is just as effective against infantry and armour with its twin lasers.


The design of the Axis Walkers has always been one of the best things about DUST. I love the way they have designed the legs, giving them an almost futuristic look, and the weapons just look devastating.

What do you think of the range?

"The design of the Axis Walkers has always been one of the best things about DUST..."

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