Construct Your Own Fallschirm Or Fly Into The Fighting In DUST

September 26, 2016 by brennon

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The DUST team have a number of new options open to you for those looking to expand their German army. First up we're looking at the Fallschirm which is available both Unassembled and Assembled.

Fallschirm RSO-PAK 40

There are a number of weapon options open to you when you get the Fallschirm as you can pick from three guns. The option you see here comes with the big anti-tank gun, the PAK 40.

Fallschirm RSO-PAK 40 (Alt)

If you're looking for ways to tailor your Fallschirm to fit the armies you face then the Model Kit might be a good shout.

Fallschirm RSO Unassembled Kit

You have the chance to switch out the turret and add in either a flak option or even a laser. This kit will need to be put together of course, and while it will need painting it does come with the transfers you need to make it look the part.

Take To The Skies

Leaping in from above to cause havoc we also have some German Troops in the form of the Raketentruppe Battle Squad.

Raketentruppe Battle Squad

Shown with their Babylon Pattern uniforms they are going to be leaping into the fray and using their heavy weapons to deal with both infantry and armour equally well.

Big machine guns will be making mincemeat of enemy soldiers and the Panzerfaust can be used to deal with heavily armoured foes. Being able to leap around also means they can strike from cover quite effectively and be gone soon after.

What do you make of the latest releases?

"You have the chance to switch out the turret and add in either a flak option or even a laser..."

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