Updated: The DUST Rises As A New Panzer IV-K Tank Rolls Out Soon

May 11, 2016 by brennon

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Paolo Parente's DUST welcomes another big vehicle for the Axis in the form of, no not a walker, but the Panzer IV-K Kondor Pattern tank. Maybe John will like this one?

Panzer IVK Kondor Pattern

As you can see it has a rather neat regular ol' tank feel to it which is good to see but it has a few bits that take it into the realm of DUST.

Panzer IVK Kondor Pattern (Rear)

"The Panzer IV has been the workhorse of the Axis Army for years now. Every satellite state, now part of the Bloc, has used it or is still using it. Constantly upgunned and armoured, this venerable tank is still very relevant in 1947's battlefields.

Every mechanic knows how to work on it, even though it's a very reliable machine. The latest version is armed with a brand new laser gun that can punch through anything the SSU or the Allies have.

This tanks will serve the Axis Army for many years to come. It is presented here in its Kondor Camo Pattern, as used in the Middle-East, circa Summer 1947."

Panzer IVK Kondor Pattern (Other)

I do think that it's great that they are adding more typical World War II era vehicles. The tank comes with a unit card allowing it to be used in DUST Tactics and DUST Battlefield.

DIY Tank

Above is the painted version of the tank from DUST which will set you back a fair bit. You can make your own however by picking up the Weapon Set from DUST and using it on a regular Panzer IV.

Axis Weapon Set

As you can see it provides you with the big laser for the front as well as some additional Dustifications as they call it. This only sets you back £8 and could be a considerably cheaper option than the painted tank above.

What do you think of this regular tank?

"I do think that it's great that they are adding more typical World War II era vehicles..."

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