DUST Studio Showing Off Incredible Terrain At Gen Con

July 29, 2015 by stvitusdancern

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DUST Studio continues to cut out its path in the gaming world and with that in mind they will be coming to Gen Con this year and sharing space with Cool Mini or Not (a possible indication of future distributor?) and along with this, they will have some pretty nice looking terrain for their demo table.

Let's get it out of the way now, we all have our opinions regarding the whole Kickstarter blow up, and we will probably never know the whole story. However, if you are a fan of DUST the game then it should at least warm your cockles of your heart that there is still life in this world.

The pieces that they are showcasing are the new ruins by Vincent Fontaine and other tablescape items that will make for an incredible immersive experience.

They will also have the Frank Von Stein miniature there in hard plastic ( yes Lloyd I will try and snag you one, as it will be the consolation prize when I kick your rear-end in our Battle Across The Atlantic).

I love the world of DUST and it is actually a pretty solid game from Tactics (boardgame) to Battlefield (miniature table top war game). I am a Warfare player myself, but it is all good stuff. Let's see what Paulo has instore for us.

Do you like DUST as much as Lloyd and I?

"I love the world of DUST and it is actually a pretty solid game..."

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