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Gen Con 2020 Cancelled But It’s Going Online!


Gen Con has announced that they are going to be cancelling their 2020 event and pushing it back to a rescheduled date of August 5th - 8th 2021.

[Updated] Gen Con 2019 Spotlight! All The Big News In One Place!


Come and catch up with all of the big news from Gen Con all in one place and let us know if we've missed anything so we can add it to the list!

What’s Coming To GenCon?


GenCon, the USA's largest tabletop gaming convention, will be kicking off this Thursday 1st of August. Companies from all over the world will be heading over to Indianapolis and as always they are bringing their latest and greatest games with them.

Gen Con 2018 Live Blog: Day Four


Come and join us for Gen Con 2018 with Dawn, Gianna, Sam & Justin on site to bring you the Best Four Days In Gaming!

Gen Con 2018 Live Blog: Day Three


Come and join us for Gen Con 2018 with Dawn, Gianna, Sam & Justin on site to bring you the Best Four Days In Gaming!

Gen Con 2018 Live Blog: Day Two


Come and join us for Gen Con 2018 with Dawn, Gianna, Sam & Justin on site to bring you the Best Four Days In Gaming!

Gen Con 2018 Live Blog: Day One


Come and join us for Gen Con 2018 with Dawn, Gianna, Sam & Justin on site to bring you the Best Four Days In Gaming!

Gen Con Event Registration To Open May 6th


If you haven't started already, you should be making a list and checking it twice because Gen Con event registration is coming! Event registration opens May 6th, and you can pre-plan now as new events and seminars are added online every day.

Gen Con 2018 Posts Event Catalogue!


Gen Con 2018 is coming up in just a few short months, are you ready?

Corvus Belli at GenCon 50 Seminar


Vlog: On The Road To GenCon


Meanwhile, across the planet... Justin and Ben have met up with the Dames of Games and are preparing the road trip to Gen Con. *We apologise for the fashion trend in this video

Dwarf Hero Joins Games & Gears Gen Con Releases


Games & Gears continue to show off their upcoming Gen Con releases with the Dwarf Hero who will fight alongside your other heroes in role-playing adventures and more.

Steamforged To Demo Super Secret New Game At Gen Con


Yes, you heard it right (although all may not be as it seems of course...). Steamforged Games are going to giving demos of their new super secret project at Gen Con this year.

Games & Gears Share Female Mage Hero For Gen Con


Another of the special miniatures lined up for Gen Con this year from Games & Gears is this impressive Female Mage Hero.

Official Gen Con Orc Previewed By Games & Gears


If you're wanting to take home something special from Gen Con this year then maybe the Games & Gears Gen Con Orc could be the keepsake worth keeping an eye out for.

Flying Frog Highlights Award Winners From Gen Con Painting Contest


If you've had the chance to play Shadows of Brimstone from Flying Frog Productions, then you're up to speed on their painting contest at Gen Con. A Few folks really brought their A game to show off their skills on some of their favorite characters from the vast and interesting world.

Weekender: Flying Battleships In Dropfleet Commander & Scatter Terrain Projects Explored


Hawk Wargames join us to talk Dropfleet Commander while we delve into the news AND your epic Scatter Terrain projects...

Infinity Gen Con 2016 Seminar – All The Info!


We run through all of the awesome surprises that came out of the Gen Con 2016 Seminar for Infinity

Gen Con 2016 Live Blog: Day Four!


We've reached the final day of Gen Con 2016 and there's plenty more to show you!

Weekender XLBS: Konflikt ’47, The Shakedown & Win Two Starter Sets


We're in for a packed show this Sunday so get stuck in and start watching!

Gen Con 2016 Live Blog: Day Three!


The weekend is here and that means more fun at Gen Con 2016!

Gen Con 2016 Live Blog: Day Two!


Day Two continues with gusto as we get stuck into more from Gen Con 2016.

Gen Con 2016 Live Blog: Day One!


We kick things off and get stuck into Gen Con 2016; The Best Four Days In Gaming!

Warsenal Construct A New Cosmica Building For Gen Con


Warsenal release the Cosmica Jurisdictional Control Building, another new terrain set fro the tables of Infinity at this year's Gen Con.

Dark Deeds Gets A Killer Display Table For Gen Con By Dave Taylor


Folks bring their A-Game for Gen Con, and Games & Gears has something really special up their sleeves. They've enlisted the talent of Dave Taylor Miniatures to create a one of a kind game table to play Dark Deeds on, that sets the scene perfectly.

USAopoly Shows Off Some Cards For Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle


Hogwarts is under attack by the forces of darkness and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Can you and your favorite wizard friends work together to defeat the Dark Lord? USAopoly will be showing off and selling a limited number of copies of their exciting cooperative deckbuilding game, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle at Gen Con this week.

New Comanche Arapaho Position From Warsenal To Release At Gen Con


Knowing that Infinity is getting its new release at Gen Con next week, it's no surprise that Warsenal is following suit for a new terrain bundle as well. The Comanche Arapaho Position not only looks fantastic, but offers a great stronghold to anchor your table.

The Ladies Of The West Ride Into Gen Con For Wild West Exodus


The Ladies of the West are making their way to Gen Con as an exclusive from the Outlaw Miniatures booth #1037. Here's your opportunity to add these ladies to your collection if you missed them in the last Kickstarter.

Soda Pop & Ninja Division Show Off The New Darkspace Sculpts


If you were waiting to see what the new Darkspace sculpts look like for Relic Knights - then wait no more! Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division have released an image of Darkspace Candy and Hasami, and they do NOT disappoint!

Soda Pop Shows Off Two New Relic Knights Minis To Debut At Gen Con


Tow new faces are joining the ranks for Relic Knights at Gen Con. Darkspace Candy and Darkspace Hasami will be debuted at the show from Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures.

FFG Announces New App Driven Mansions Of Madness


Explore the dark recesses of H.P. Lovecraft's world in the latest game from Fantasy Flight Games- Mansions of Madness Second Edition. This updated version of the game features an innovative app component to control the AI, offering a more true cooperative game play element for the players.

350 New Games Debuting At Gen Con From Board Game Geek


Boardgame Geek has put together a list of an impressive 350 new games to check out at Gen con this year! If you didn't think Gen Con was overwhelming before, this should tip the the scale.

Modiphius Announces Their New Star Trek Adventures RPG


"Space, the final frontier," is closer now than it's been in many years, as Modiphius announced the development of their new Star Trek Adventures RPG. This iconic IP will allow gamers to boldly go on new voyages in the footsteps of some of their fan favorite captains and crews.

Wyrd’s Bringing The New Malifaux Ripples Of Fate Book To Gen Con


Wyrd Games is bringing all their best toys to Gen Con in 2 weeks! Players will be able to pick up all the new crew boxes, the Miss Model, and of course the new Ripples of Fate Malifaux source book- and lots more.

Bezier Games Announces One Night Ultimate Alien Coming To KS


A new One Night adventure is heading to Kickstarter soon from Bezier Games. One Night Ultimate Alien hides Aliens among the villagers and you have but one night to figure out who's who!

The Master Has New Dark Deeds For Games & Gears Gen Con Edition


Do you have what it takes to win the Master's favor in Game's & Gear's Dark Deeds? Then you're in luck, because they're bringing a Gen Con Edition Expansion to the "Best Four Days In Gaming."

Wyrd Games Shows Off Their Seven New Malifaux Crew Boxes


Wyrd Games has released images of all 7 new crews, featuring the new Masters they've previewed over the past weeks. There's definitely something for everyone in these sets, no matter which faction you prefer.

Wyrd Shows Off New Guild Nightmare Box – The Wild Ones


If there's ever been a reason to try out a new crew in Malifaux, Wyrd Games has announced the best one ever! This year's Gen Con Nightmare Box is for the Guild- The Wild Ones and they look like TROUBLE.

Gen Con Is On Track To Set New Attendance Records


It's nearly time for "The Best Four Days In Gaming," which means it's time to tell Dawn & Gianna what you'd like to see at Gen Con this year! Are there new games you want to hear more about? Or some favorites to catch up on?

Wyrd Games Shows Off Their 2016 Miss Model – Miss Fire


Each year Wyrd Games treats it Malifaux community to a special, Miss Model, and this year the Arcanists win the prize! Miss Fire will be available at Gen Con next month as well as online, and is ready to blow some things up on your table.

Free Star Trek Ascendancy Rule Book Download From GF9


Soon you will be able to boldly go where no man has gone before, as you Trek through the galaxy in Gale Force Nine's Star Trek Ascendancy board game. Download the full rule book for free now, and get ready to explore the final frontier this August.

Weekender XLBS: Miniatures IP Debate & Bolt Action Tanks Explored


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