Wyrd Shows Off New Guild Nightmare Box – The Wild Ones

July 12, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

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Oh boy, Wyrd Games has really outdone themselves this year! Have a look at the fantastic new Nightmare Box for the Guild- The Wild Ones! The Guild won out in this year's Nythera campaign for Malifaux, which put them on the top for this year's Gen Con Nightmare Box.

Wyrd Wild Ones cover

This set is intended as a double for Lucas McCabe's crew, but instead of Wastrel's, this crew gets two Mounted Guard, ready to roll into action (and over anyone or anything in their way).

Wyrd WW 5

Wyrd WW2

The honor of a Nightmare Box is not a permanent one, so these coveted sets will be available at Gen Con next month as well as online, for a limited time. So if these are must haves for you, you'd better plan on snagging them as soon as they become available.

Wyrd WW3

Wyrd WW4

And here I thought I was a devout Arcanist...The Wild Ones have me seriously considering an alternate faction!

What do you think of these wheely Wild Ones?

"...you'd better plan on snagging them as soon as they become available"

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