Infinity Gen Con 2016 Seminar – All The Info!

August 12, 2016 by crew

At Gen Con 2016 our good friend Carlos delivered his Seminar where he goes through what you can look forward to in Infinity.

The first section of the presentation is missing due to a technical issue but don't fret as there's still loads to sink your teeth into!

Well, we thought we'd dive into what they showed off and make sure you know what's around the corner...



We'll kick things off with the most awesome and Cyberpunk looking of the Infinity range. Delving into their collection we're going to be seeing some very interesting characters coming your way including the Post Humans.

ALEPH Post Humans Proxy MK 4

ALEPH Post Humans Proxy MK 5

It's rather awesome that it seems like we're going to be seeing some more development on this front. With the fact that we've got our handle on Mk IV and Mk V here could we be seeing a Mk VI in the near future too?

As well as these more regular troops we also got a look at the impressive ALEPH Garuda Tactbots who have a distinct Gundam feel to them.

ALEPH Garuda Tactbots

ALEPH Garuda Tactbots (Render)

It's very nice to see that the models themselves are going to have a bit of movement to them too. I like that we're seeing them leaping into the air about to rain down death from above.



For the forces of Ariadna we got to see their rather epic Gen Con Exclusive in the form of the Ariadna The Unknown Ranger...

Ariadna The Unknown Ranger (Gen Con Exclusive)

...but don't be disheartened as it looks like there is going to be a regular version of him on the way too if this render is anything to go by.

Ariadna The Unknown Ranger (Render)

He looks very cool, a very epic addition to the pool of troops that Ariadna can draw from. I particularly like that we're seeing that same shield carried over into the other model as its attached to his back.

Additionally they also showed off the newest additions to the range which were the Mavericks.

Ariadna Mavericks

Ariadna Mavericks (Painted)

A nice collection I think you'll agree but now it's time to get all Alien with the Combined Army.

Combined Army

Combined Army

The Combined have always been a fascinating faction within the world of Infinity and its easy to see why with the likes of the Overdron Batroids as part of their collection.

Combined Army Overdron Batroids

If you think that the artwork looks good wait until you see the renders they put up for these models too.

Combined Army Overdron Batroids (Render)

I love how Manga that thing looks; an epic creation filled with movement. Showing their fun side as well as their serious side we also got to see these wonderful Tinbots which I assume are just as deadly on the battlefield as they are cute.

Combined Army Tinbot A & Tinbot D (Render)

Even when they make things tiny the Combined manage to scare the pants of me with their creations!



Haqqislam had one new thing to show off during the Seminar with the Murabids Tuareg who looks very awesome indeed. I love the turban with its bright blue against that regular army gear.

Murabids Tuareg

...and they did take another opportunity to show off their newest models too, the Djanbazan Tactical Group.

Djanbazan Tactical Group

Djanbazan Tactical Group (Painted)

Some hard hitting troops for sure and those of you who follow Infinity here on Beasts Of War will have seen some of these models last Sunday.



The Mercenaries are up next up in our journey through the world of Infinity and what lies ahead. We'll kick things off with another version of Miranda Ashcroft who has become everyone's favourite Authorised Bounty Hunter.

Mercenaries Miranda Ashcroft Authorised Bounty Hunter

The artwork once again is superb but we also got to see her looking excellent in render form too, ready for a scrap.

Mercenaries Miranda Ashcroft (Render)

We have also been talking about the Combined Army already and so it's nice to see some who have turned away from their darker path. See what you think of the Krakot Renegades Morat Fugitives.

Mercenaries Krakot Renegades Morat Fugitives

Now that is an impressive looking alien ready to stuck into the fighting.

Mercenaries Krakot Renegades (Render)

As if that wasn't enough we also got to see an expert swordsman in the shape of Miyamoto Mushashi.

Mercenaries Miyamoto Mushashi

Mercenaries Miyamoto Mushashi (Alt Art)

Like a video game character he also gets to come with a variety of different outfits which is nice. And yes, before you ask these are both going to be available for you to buy.

Mercenaries Miyamoto Mushashi (Models)

Now the real decision is, which one are you going to use on the tabletop? I reckon that you're going to have to use both of them in alternating games just to be fair surely?



The Nomads have quite the collection of goodies for you to look forward to as they will be getting themselves a new Bakuynin Jurisdictional Command Starter Pack which comes with some rather excellent looking miniatures.

Nomads Bakuynin Jurisdictional Command Starter Pack

Here's a bit more of a close up of the different characters from within this set.

Nomads Moderators From Bakunin

Nomads Moderators From Bakunin (Alt)

Did you notice the nice little nod to Colossus from X-Men yet?

Nomads Morlock Gruppe

You get all manner of amazing characters in here and while we're only seeing artwork this already has me interested.

Nomads Reverend Moiras

Nomads Riot Grrls

Nomads Sin-Eater Observants

How can you not like the look of the Riot Grrls and the Sin-Eater (see above)? They are fantastic looking characters and I could see that Sin-Eater wandering around the neon-bathed streets of Infinity.

As well as this new pack we also got to see the Taskmasters Bakunin Swast Team.

Nomads Taskmasters Bakunin Swast Team

Nomads Taskmasters (Renders)

These are clearly for when you need that extra bit of heavy duty butchery in your force. Anything lugging around a HMG gets a thumbs up from me.

If you missed them they also showed off the Corregidor Bandits in all of their glory too.

Nomads Corregidor Bandits

Nomads Corregidor Bandits (Painted)

I wouldn't get in the way of her if I were you - she'd have your fingers off in an instant!



Not to be outdone by the sheer weight of stuff coming your way PanOceania had to try and outdo the Nomads. They didn't quite manage it I reckon but they have some amazing stuff on offer starting with the Orc Troops Varuna Bat.

PanO Orc Troops Varuna Bat

Things also heated up when we got to look at some more of their soldiers like the Knights Of Montesa...

PanO Knights Of Montesa

...and the Kamau Amphibious Intervention Teams.

PanO Kamau Amphibious Intervention Teams

You have to love that strange alien look that the PanOceania troops have about them with that little 'fin' protruding from the top of the helmet.

The Akalis Sikh Commandos were also looking rather awesome and it's nice to see the colour scheme shifting away from the light blue towards this purple look.

PanO Akalis Sikh Commandos

There were even a few of the Acontecimento Regulars to look at with both a Male...

PanO Acontecimento Regulars

...and a Female variant on the way to make sure that your squad is nicely evened out.

PanO Acontecimento Regulars (Female)

In case you missed them (and how could you, they went down a storm!) they also showed off the Black Friars again.

PanO Black Friars

PanO Black Friars (Painted)

I can already see these being added to all PanOceania forces soon. Black by sight and black by nature...epic!



If you're a fan of Tohaa then you should not fret as they are also being catered for. Firstly they have their new 300 Point Contact Force on the way.

Tohaa 300 Point Contact Force

Tohaa 300 Point Contact Force (Contents)

It comes with some very nice new models which have been popping up over the last few months. The box looks very snazzy too. If you want a juicy hint as to what's ahead then they also showed off the artwork for the Sukeul Commandos.

Tohaa Sukeul Commandos

Once again a nice mix of the alien and the human here when it comes to these models. I love the style of the hair and the mask design too. It will be fun to see how she squares up once she has got a weapon in her hands.

Yu Jing

Yu Jing

Last but by no means least we have a look at what's on the cards for Yu Jing. We only got to see one piece of artwork and a render for them with the O-Yoroi Kidobutai Pilot popping up.

Yu Jing O-Yoroi Kidobutai Pilot

A great model that might be a tad more on the 'pin-up' style compared to some of the other female miniatures we've seen in this collection but no less cool.

Yu Jing O-Yoroi Pilot (Render)

You can see the render here too which shows her with pistol drawn ready to take down her foes.

They also took another look at the Imperial Agent Pheasant Rank, one of their latest releases.

Yu Jing Imperial Agent Pheasant Rank

Yu Jing Imperial Agent Pheasant Rank (Painted)

Once again, a stunning model and she has a fantastic look about her. You can imagine her in those frontier towns and cities upholding the law.

What's Next?

Well, we'll have to wait and see won't we. This was what Carlos offered up as a parting gift for Infinity fans.

Infinity Teaser Of What's To Come

I think all of would be stoked to see these three projects come to life. Angel doing more painting is always fantastic, a Manga project would be epic, and I.T.S is a welcome sight for tournament players.

Let us know what caught your eye from Gen Con!

"They are fantastic looking characters and I could see that Sin-Eater wandering around the neon-bathed streets of Infinity..."

"...a Manga project would be epic!"

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