[Updated] Gen Con 2019 Spotlight! All The Big News In One Place!

August 5, 2019 by brennon

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So with Gen Con still powering on through the weekend, we've collated together all of the big news into once place so you can check out what has been happening at this big show over in the US. There have been some exciting announcements from a range of different companies!

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You can find out more about each of the highlighted stories by following the links to our news coverage.

Atomic Mass Games Announce Marvel: Crisis Protocol


Some of the biggest news came from the team at Atomic Mass Games. They announced they would be working on a Marvel miniatures game which allows you to bring together both heroes and villains from across the entire comic book universe.

Fantasy Flight Games' Marvel Champions LCG


Staying with the theme of Marvel, the folks at Fantasy Flight Games also pulled out all the stops as they introduced us to a new card game they've been working on. It focuses in on either a solo player or up to four friends taking on nefarious villains from the comic books. It looks like it gets everything right in one core box.

Chase Eldritch Horrors In Arkham Horror: Final Hour 


As well as working on the Marvel licence the team at Fantasy Flight Games also bought together a new cooperative board game which has you trying to stop Cthulhu and his chums from overrunning the Miskatonic University after a foul ritual is completed.

New Characters, Troops & Vehicles For Star Wars: Legion


A mass of new releases were previewed for use in Star Wars: Legion as they expand towards the Clone Wars. We're getting to see some seriously cool characters like Dooku and Clone Commander Rex plus massive vehicles. This is what we needed when Legion was originally announced!

KeyForge Finds Worlds Colliding


KeyForge is going through a little bit of a change as two new Houses are getting introduced into the mix for their Unique Card Game which rocked the tabletop gaming world last year and continues to be a massively fun experience.

Lizardmen Hit The Blood Bowl Pitch!


Games Workshop has also been busy introducing some new goodies into the mix starting with the new Lizardman team which is coming to Blood Bowl. The sculpts are looking full of character and I can't wait to see what they do with more of the classic teams from days gone by.

Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave


We got another big hit of Warhammer Underworlds this time around too. Beastgrave continues the story and throws a whole host of models into the equation including the revamped Beastmen for the Mortal Realms and some Kurnothi who are much more fantastical looking Aelves!

Aeronautica Imperialis Announced!


If you have a hankering for the old days then you'll be able to get stuck into Aeronautica Imperial again as Games Workshop moved their high-flying game to a hex-based grid and a scuffle in the skies between Imperial pilots and Ork aces.

CMON Team Up For Cyberpunk 2077 Card Game


CMON is getting stuck into the Cyberpunk 2077 hype as Eric Lang gets his mitts on the licence and starts building a card game called Afterlife. It will be interesting to learn more information about this and where they are able to take it.

Archon Tease Wolfenstein The Board Game


Archon Studio have their finger in many pies and their newest and possibly tastiest one is the Wolfenstein Board Game. Nothing more has been announced about it just yet but it will be very cool to see exactly what they do with this. One can assume that the miniatures are going to be very cool.

WizKids Roll Out With New Transformers Miniatures


As if we needed any more reason to enjoy some Transformers awesomeness, the folks at WizKids are expanding their Deep Cut range of unpainted miniatures to include the classic Transformers. The kits will come with transfers and stickers so that you don't have to freehand those complicated logos!

Mythic Games Announce Time Of Legends Destinies


Mythic Games are joining forces with Lucky Duck Games to work on a new app-based narrative board game adventure which is set within the world of Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc. It will be interesting to follow the progress of this and how much influence the app has over gameplay.

Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc Relaunching


Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc is also coming back to Kickstarter later this year with a 1.5 version of the rules and a new expansion which explores the addition of Teutonic Knights. The team will also be exploring Eastern Europe in more detail as they step into the mythology of this corner of the world too.

Riot Quest Brings The Post-Apocalypse To The Iron Kingdoms

Privateer Press have brought their new game Riot Quest to this year's GenCon. The game takes us down an alternate timeline of the Iron Kingdoms and sets a cast of colourful character battling for the riches left behind. It looks like a really fun arena skirmish game and it will be interesting to hear what people think of it at the show.

Oblivion Comes to Warmachine

Also from Privateer Press, a new campaign supplement for Warmachine and Hordes has been released at GenCon. This new set comes with updated rules for the games, a series of linked campaign scenarios, and twenty omen campaign cards to help shape the outcome of your campaign. This new supplement carries on the story of the Iron Kingdoms and will set all of its various factions in a climactic fight for their very survival.

Malifaux's Third Edition Crews Walk The Plank

Wyrd have brought Malifaux's third edition with them to GenCon, along with some of the new third edition crew box sets. This includes the event exclusive Nightmare Edition set Brine and Bone.

Unfortunately, they weren't able to bring any of the new faction books with them, but they are available to order as part of Wyrd's GenCon sale on their webstore.

Find New Adventures In Pathfinder Second Edition

The second edition of the popular fantasy RPG Pathfinder has been released by Paizo at this year's GenCon. Paizo are running panels and demos of the game throughout the event, giving prospective dungeon crawlers plenty of opportunities to delve into the new edition.

The rulebook is currently available to order from Paizo's webstore.

Tabletop Troubadour And CMON Team Up To Face The Zombie Plague

Tabletop Troubadour have teamed up with CMON to come out with a special set of scenarios for Zombicide Black Plague, designed to be played within the twisting terrain of Hagglethorn Hollow. They are running demos of the game's prototype at the CMON stand, giving participants the chance to see if they would be able to defend this fantasy town from the hordes of undead.

Weta Start An Unexpected Party

Weta have a new card game on the way based upon the art of their Mini Epic character collectibles series for The Hobbit. An Unexpected Party takes players to the beginning of the story where poor Bilbo finds himself suddenly playing host to a horde of hungry dwarfs. This is a very different style of game to Weta's previous games and looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Alongside this, they are also showing off the updates that have been made to the District 9 Board Game.

The game will be returning to Kickstarter later this year, so this gives players a chance to see how the updates change the gameplay.

CMON Turn Board Games Digital On Teburu

CMON recently announced that they have a new project coming to Kickstarter. Joining forces with Xplored, they are looking to bring digital integration to CMON's library of board games, starting with Zombicide. They have brought a prototype of the system to GenCon, showing off how the system works before the Kickstarter itself goes online.

Role Play In The Fallout Wasteland

This GenCon saw the release of Modiphius' new roleplaying game for Fallout Wasteland Warfare, sending you and your friends out to explore the wastes across the tabletop.

The Wasteland Warfare miniatures game has also seen releases with the arrival of the Raiders at the event.

Throughout GenCon, Modiphius also have some special event-exclusive Stealth Boy Coursers and Glowing Ghouls.

These are available both at the Modiphius con stand and on the Modiphius webstore throughout the event.

Grifter and Gnarlak Come To GenCon

Knight Models have two event-exclusive models with them at this year's GenCon. Gnarlak, the goblin gangster, steps out of the Wizarding World for the Harry Potter Miniatures Game. Meanwhile, the telekinetic gun-slinger Grifter has come out guns blazing for the Batman Miniatures Game.

Infinity Breaks Out In Wildfire

Corvus Belli's upcoming new pack for Infinity is now available to order from their GenCon stand, as well as pre-order from their webstore until August 5th. This new set introduces a new faction to Infinity, setting the Shasvastii of the Combined Army against the new 0-12.

Corvus Belli are also providing demos of their upcoming scifi dungeon crawler Infinity: Defiance, giving players their first chance to try out the game.

X-Wing Expansions Fly Out Of Fantasy Flight

As part of their In-Flight Report at GenCon, Fantasy Flight Games have announced a massive new wave of expansions for X-Wing.

Eight new ship expansions are on the way, further exploring the conflict between the Resistance and the First Order.

Three new card packs have also been revealed, bundling together customisation options for your ships and your battlefields.

The War Goes On For Star Wars: Armada

Star Wars: Armada plays out the final days of the Galactic Civil War, as the Rebel Alliance take on the remnants of the Imperial Armada after the fall of Palpatine. Fantasy Flight have announced two new expansions for Armada: the Nadiri Starhawk Expansion and the Onager-class Destroyer Expansion.

Fantasy Flight Expand Upon The Book Of Genesys

The Genesys system provides players with mechanics to roleplay in a variety of settings. The Expanded Player's Guide builds upon this, providing rules for new setting options, as well as additional rules for vehicle and adversary creation. This Expanded Player guide will come out later this year, alongside a GM screen.

They are also working on a Genesys supplement to let players explore the setting of KeyForge.

Finally, Fantasy Flight are also starting Genesys Foundry, allowing for fan-created content on DriveThruRPG.

A lot of companies provide these community content platforms, making it really accessible for people to share their game ideas and plans, and it is very exciting to see Fantasy Flight take this route.

Help Us Find More Gen Con News!

If you've spotted any more awesome news from Gen Con keep us in the loop by dropping your finds into the comments below!

The Gen Con announcements have us excited for another good year ahead!

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