Mythic Bring Joan Of Arc 1.5 Back To Kickstarter + New Expansion

August 1, 2019 by brennon

Mythic Games are going to be bringing Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc back to Kickstarter with the 1.5 version of the rules plus all of the goodness from the first time around. Plus, you'll also be able to pick up the new Teutonic Knights expansion.

Joan Of Arc Teutonic Knights - Mythic Games

The Teutonic Knights expansion allows you to start playing as new characters from medieval history as well as throwing in a few fantastical beasts too. For example, you could take on the role of Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, Ulrich von Jungingen.

Ulrich Von Jungingen - Mytic Games

The real focus of the historical side of things will be around the Polish–Lithuanian–Teutonic War and of course, you can't win a battle with just heroes. You might want to throw in some poor sods on foot as your infantry too.

Infantry - Mythic Games

This expansion will raise the miniature count for the entire Joan Of Arc collection to 1100. Yep, that is a lot of small 15mm miniatures.

Fantastical Beasts & Foes

On top of the characters, we see here which toe the line in terms of historical accuracy we also have some fantastical elements to look forward to as well. For example, here is the lightning throwing Perkūnas.

Perkunas - Mythic Games

The miniatures already look awesome in render form and I have no doubt that Mythic Games are going to be able to knock it out of the park when it comes to the final quality for the game. If the original Joan Of Arc was anything to go by, we're in for a treat.

As someone who loves nature and spirits of the woodlands I really can't wait to see how the Sacred Tree comes out when it eventually gets turned into a miniature.

Sacred Tree - Mythic Games

It will be cool to see the Mythic team back on Kickstarter running their own brand of community-focused campaign. I am hoping we get to learn a lot more about the future of Time Of Legends too and if they will be venturing off to find different characters to follow.

What do you make of the previews so far?

"...this expansion will raise the miniature count for the entire Joan Of Arc collection to 1100"

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