Six Awesome Clone Wars Releases Coming To Star Wars: Legion

August 2, 2019 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games were not shy about showing off the wealth of new releases coming to their Star Wars: Legion game and the new Clone Wars era. THIS is the kind of big battles we should have been seeing from the start, in my opinion at least. Let's start with the characters...

Count Dooku - Fantasy Flight Games

Leading the way for the Sith and the Separatists, pulling the strings behind the scenes, we have Count Dooku. You can see him being quite the mastermind when it comes to tactical decision making behind the scenes and of course he is no slouch in combat either, a master of The Force in his own right.

Arrayed against him we already have a version of General Kenobi in the core set but you can watch over your Clone Trooper buddies with Clone Captain Rex.

Clone Captain Rex - Fantasy Flight Games

As a staunch ally of General Kenobi and one of the most decorated leaders from the conflict, Rex seems like a great choice for someone who wants to run an elite team of soldiers heading into enemy territory. I love the idea that he's dual-wielding blasters and there is even an option to have him sans helmet if you prefer too.

A Core Of Infantry

As well as the leaders you're going to need some additional support in the field with more infantry. First up we have the Phase II Clone Troopers who will be a solid core, heading out into the most dangerous of situations in order to complete their objective.

Phase II Clone Troopers - Fantasy Flight Games

These awesome looking miniatures are a nice change from the regular Storm Trooper. They invite a little more personalisation, especially if you've watched any of the Star Wars cartoons or played the video game Republic Commando. As well as blaster rifles they've also got some heavy weapons for suppressing enemies too.

Over on the unthinking and uncaring side of the war, we have the new B2 Super Battle Droids. Whilst the prequels are not a pinch on the original films there are some awesome moments within them. In Attack Of The Clones, I loved the moment when we got to see the Super Battle Droids in action, slaughtering Jedi and smashing their own Battle Droid buddies aside to get in on the action.

B2 Super Battle Droids - Fantasy Flight Games

As well as their arm cannons some of them come armed with rocket launchers so these are not going to be a pushover! I could see them being an awesome way to try and pressure an enemy into retreating before holding an objective.

Floating Heavy Armour

Now, this is podracing! Ahem. Anyway, here is exactly why the Clone Wars is a way deeper well of opportunity for a Star Wars wargame. The films and TV shows were packed with all sorts of big vehicles and now we're seeing them drop onto the tabletop. Here we have the TX-130 Saber-Class Fighter Tank.

TX-130 Saber-Class Fighter Tank - Fantasy Flight Games

This was quite the sight, sliding across the sands of Geonosis, blasting part droids. This is a heavily armoured skimmer tank with a turret on two massive laser cannons on the side. However, will it be able to match up against the AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank?

AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank - Fantasy Flight Games

It is so cool to see this making its way to the tabletop, a bloody massive option for those playing as the Separatists of the Trade Federation. It is aching to be painted up with an airbrush I bet though with all of those smooth surfaces.

Now we just need to see Gungun warriors and big ol' gem throwing catapults!

Are you being won over by the Clone Wars range?

"Now we just need to see Gungun warriors and big ol' gem throwing catapults!"

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