Two New Houses Join Fantasy Flight’s World Of KeyForge

August 1, 2019 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has been showing off more from another of their card game worlds. This time around Worlds Collide as KeyForge welcomes two new Houses into the mix.

KeyForge Worlds Collide - FFG

This new set takes the game in a different direction as Mars and Sanctum get rotated out of the card pool in favour of the Saurian Republic and Grand Star Alliance. This does not mean that Mars and Sanctum have been removed forever, they will be back, and each deck from Worlds Collide can be played against those from the previous KeyForge sets.

KeyForge Worlds Collide Card Fan - FFG

A whole range of new mechanics come into play alongside these new cards, changing up how the game plays and tweaking the format, even more, going forward. For example, there is the new Ward mechanic which allows you to protect a creature from going out of play, instead removing tokens to keep them going.

Additionally, you can Enrage a creature on the tabletop making sure that it must fight on its turn and either giving you a bonus somehow or perhaps negating the abilities of your opponent's creatures. You can also Exault a creature, gifting them with aember but also unlocking new abilities for doing so. It can be a risk but if you play around with it right it could end up benefitting you in the long run.

You can also be Haunted by specific deadly creatures which might have a disregard for friend or foe, fighting everyone at the tabletop but being incredibly powerful. Again, you will have to balance these creatures in your deck and use them at the right time.

New Set

The new version of KeyForge comes with a brand spanking new core set which offers up loads of goodies. It can also be upgraded to a cool Premium Set which offers up a neat set of accessories for keeping your game organised.

KeyForge Worlds Collide Premium Box - FFG

This all seems very cool and helps build on the collectable nature of the game. I do like that they are adding in the Unique decks with each of the core set expansions for KeyForge. It's cool to just dive right in and start playing with the intended wild nature of KeyForge.

KeyForge is still a great game for newcomers and works really nicely as a quick 'dive in' game where you just have a bit of fun with friends down the pub for example. I am looking forward to seeing more cards from the Worlds Collide set.

Will you be diving in on this one?

" really nicely as a quick 'dive in' game where you just have a bit of fun with friends down the pub for example"

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