Rocket Blasting Walkers & New Terrain For DUST At Gen Con

July 25, 2016 by brennon

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A new SSU Walker is coming to the tabletops of DUST players from Gen Con 2016. Here we have the SSU S4 Hero with some nice additional cinematic for good measure.

SSU S4 Hero #1

When you go to Gen Con you will be able to pick up either this version above or the one with a bit more of an Elite pro-painted one. This (shown below) is the model that is painted to match the studio version of the miniature and comes with a lovely scenic base.

SSU S4 Hero #2

Justin was rather impressed by the big gout of flame coming out of it in this image.

SSU S4 Hero #3

A rather awesome looking walker with a flamethrower, a big cannon AND missile launchers for when you just can't turn things to dust fast enough.

Middle-Eastern Terrain

As well as the walker for the SSU they have also been working on some Middle-Eastern Terrain by Vincent Fontaine.

Middle East Terrain

These resin pieces have been designed so that they can fit around the squares that you'd use in a typical game on the grid. But, they also look fantastic when simply sitting free from the grid and matched in with your other terrain.

Elite Editions & Flying Aces

The world of DUST 1947 continues to grow too  with a couple of new releases from this month coming to their Weird World War tabletop. First up we have Luisa & Demolisher...

Luisa & Demolisher

This is one of their Elite Exclusives which comes with magnets and such so that you can change things up and use a basic base if you require. Additionally the paint job here isn't the standard 'base coat' but a full on paint job similar to the work of Vincent Fontaine.

So what about the model itself?

Luisa & Demolisher #1

"We are proud to introduce Luisa and her unique walker Demolisher, modified to match the specifications of its unique pilot.

This Mercenary is famous throughout the Middle-East where she has been fighting with her Sisters for all sides so far... always earning the respect of her adversaries."

Luisa & Demolisher #2

She makes for a rather awesome piece and I like the work that's gone into making this a bit of a centerpiece for those who are avid collectors of DUST 1947. As well as being a good model in its own right the base could be used as a separate terrain piece too.

Flying Ace

As well as this walker they also released the Red Ace & The Red Star in both their Model Kit and Primed states for you to play around with.

Red Ace & Red Star

So what's the background of this particular set?

Red Ace

"The youngest rising star in the SSU, Leytenant (Lieutenant) Eva Koroutchenko is already a legend. She is famous throughout the bloc for her emerald eyes and long hair, every young man in the SSU keeps a picture of her near his heart for good luck and to protect him from harm.

Eva is a hell of a pilot who has already scored more than 30 air victories in her short career. Axis pilots on the Eastern Front have already placed a large bounty on her head: they need her down as soon as possible!"

Red Star

"Eva flies a unique helicopter modified to her specifications: the Red Star. She is very capable of taking the reins of any other flying vehicle in the bloc, but prefers her helicopter over anything else. Eva and the Red Star are currently stationed outside Baku.

From there she flies many specials operations for Spetsnaz forces in the region."

She is a neat looking model in her own right, stepping onto the tarmac from her vehicle of choice.

What do you think of these new pieces for DUST coming to Gen Con?

"As well as being a good model in its own right the base could be used as a separate terrain piece too..."

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