Community Spotlight: Undead Dragons, Silver Tower Heroes & Ancient Elves

June 1, 2020 by crew

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Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week...

Community Spotlight: Undead Dragons, Silver Tower Heroes & Ancient Elves

...make sure to always let us know what YOU have been working on and share it across the site.

Kaladrax by asuranshadow

asuranshadow has been showing off some sterling work on something absolutely massive whilst stuck in isolation right now. Taking on the massive Kaladrax from Reaper Miniatures, this is a sterling project looking at bringing this undead dragon back to life.

-5ece6943401f7--5ece6943401f8Kaladrax #1 by asuranshadow.jpg

The project itself goes into a lot of detail as to how everything came together. This includes going into detail about the huge boney body of the beast as well as what is left of its musculature and organs. The bone work here is brilliant and I think it really shows off how ancient and deadly this beast is. Whilst there is a lot of that on show though, I think it is accented well with the addition of those spot colours amongst the rest of the miniature.

-5ece6947c2393--5ece6947c2395Kaladrax #2 by asuranshadow.jpg

I like the unearthly glow from within the sockets of the dragon's skull too. I think it gives the creature a level of intelligence and the cold blue is a nice way to getting across its terrifying intent. I also like that the base that the miniature has been built into is also incredibly well painted. There is a lot of depth to it and I think if I was just looking at that, I'd be equally as happy with this project and its tinkering!

The Silver Tower by zilkmax

Next, we're moving into a different realm of Fantasy and that's The Silver Tower from Warhammer Quest. Much like with many other wargamers and hobbyists right now, we're working back through the mass of boxes that we've got sitting around us. In the case of zilkmax, this was The Silver Tower. We start with a look at this wonderful Knight Questor.

-5ece694ad19a3--5ece694ad19a5Silver Tower #1 by Zilkmax.jpg

The more I look at this miniature, the more I am reminded why I like the Stormcast Eternals as an army. I love the big heavy armour, the flowing cloaks, the powerful crackling weapons and the masks which hide their true nature. I think the over-the-top Fantasy element to the Stormcast Eternals really resonates in the Knight Questor and this fellow here looks stunning. Plus - look at that lovely non-metallic metal work across the miniature!

As well as working through some of the heroes from the box, zilkmax has also been tinkering around with the critters you'll be facing off against within The Silver Tower. These Grot Scuttlings are awesome little miniatures to work on and have plenty of character in their faces. I like that they went with the darker green here which puts me in mind of the Night Goblins of old.

-5ece695216210--5ece695216212Silver Tower #2 by Zilkmax.jpg

Some of the more unique elements of The Silver Tower have also got a lick of paint over the period of this project. I think these fellows are some of the most inventive little miniatures Games Workshop has made and make perfect magical companions for a mage if you wanted to take them beyond the realm of Tzeentch.

Silver Tower #3 by Zilkmax

The painting here is, once again, awesome. I love the attention to detail across the miniatures and the amount of blending and highlighting that has gone into them. I particularly like the way the feathers on the creature to the far left have been finished to give them a magical shimmer. Also, the freehand work inside the book also gets a big thumbs up from me!

Warhammer High Elves by innes

Finally, we're going back in time. We're stepping from The Mortal Realms to The World That Was and taking a peek at these stunning High Elves from innes. This is the army as it stood at the start of the project and I think you'll agree that it's looking pretty swish. Well, it got some upgrades!

High Elf Army #1 by innes

Here and there a few more units have been tweaked and updated to fit into this army for use in Kings Of War. For example, here we have a rather epic looking Lion Chariot which works really nicely with the existing paint scheme but also throws in a few more highlights here and there in terms of colour to stand out on the battlefield.

-5ece6939b7394--5ece6939b7395High Elf Army #2 by innes.jpeg

I always liked the White Lions Of Chrace in Warhammer Fantasy Battles and its good to see them back on the tabletop for a different game system. I loved their gruff and grizzled attitude, stoic Elves who were decidedly more muscular and grim compared to their aloof kinsmen. The work on the lions here is great and I like the way the gems have been done too.

One of the biggest project that is in the mix right now though is this stunning Dragon which is resplendent in greens, oranges and yellows. With the use of contrast paints here and there, this has come together very nicely and would be the perfect mount for a mighty king.

-5ece693f2b989--5ece693f2b98aHigh Elf Army #3 by innes.jpeg

You can get a closer look at this miniature and how it came together as part of the project which is linked above. Once again, the gem work is wonderful and you can see how this is done over on the project too.

Make sure to check out the project because it delves deeper into a brilliant army. I also really like that the army has been themed to fit Kings Of War, so all of the units are nice dioramas. It is one of the cool things about Kings Of War!

Special Mention - The War Cabinet by tristifer

Also, last week on the Cult Of Games XLBS we talked about a special mention for the work going into the War Cabinet by tristifer. This is a fun little project which did something different and so we've created a button for this community member too!

War Cabinet

You can hear our thoughts on the War Cabinet HERE and then check out the Project Link to go and see how this came to be. It is a rather fun way to make sure you've got a proper place to do your hobby!

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