Weekender: Win A GW Starter Box! Which Games Workshop Game Is Best?

September 15, 2018 by dracs

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This week, we're mixing things up a bit as we kick the show off with a look at Games Workshop's currant range of games and try to decide which one reigns supreme!

Weekender: Win A GW Starter Box! Which Games Workshop Game Is Best?

The Greatest Games Workshop Game

Comment below with your thoughts for your chance to win Warhammer 40,000: Tooth & Claw (or an available GW starter set of your choice).

Check out our Adeptus Titanicus Interview with manager of Games Workshop's Specialist Games team, Andy Hoare.

Weekender: Win A GW Starter Box! Which Games Workshop Game Is Best?


Ben may be not be with us this week, but there is still plenty happening on the site for you to check out.

  • Monsterpocalypse: Round 2! - Justin and Ryan swap armies for their second Monsterpocalypse Live Stream on Tuesday 18th, 18:00 BST.
  • Watch the first Monsterpocalypse Live Stream here.

What did you think of the last Monsterpocalypse fight? Do you support Team Justin, or Team Ryan?


There's always loads of new happening in the gaming world and here are a few of the pieces from the past week that caught our eye.

  • Claustrophobia 1643 - This week we featured an article taking a detailed look at Monolith's upcoming game of exploring the depths of Hell.
  • Pandemic: Fall of Rome - Z-Man announced a new version of their classic game Pandemic, heading back to ancient Rome to deal with the collapse of an empire.
  • Frostgrave: The Wizard's Conclave - Next year will see the release of a new supplement for Frostgrave, featuring scenarios from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Which news piece grabbed your attention?

Explore The Depths of Rampage Dungeon

Mathew Barker from Architects of Destruction joins us over Skype to tell us about the Kickstarter they are currently running for their modular dungeon terrain set, Rampage Dungeon.

What do you think is the best way to create a dungeon for the tabletop?


Just time for one Kickstarter this week, but it's a biggy.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn by Steamforged Games - Steamforged are currently on Kickstarter with their latest board game adaptation, this time of the superb video game Horizon Zero Dawn.

Do you like the idea of hunting those robot monsters?

Community Spotlight

An XLBS staple has made its way to the Frontstage show. We finish off with the Community Spotlight, taking a look at which community members have earned themselves coveted Golden Buttons for their amazing work in the Projects.


Remember to comment below for your chance to win an awesome Games Workshop starter set!

There is also still time to enter the contest run for GenCon, Nanty Narking, and PSC Games, so go back and check those out.

Have a great weekend!

"What's your favourite GW Game?"

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