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SW Legion 212th Recon Division

SW Legion 212th Recon Division

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Project Blog by fleboy Cult of Games Member

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About the Project

This is my attempt to recreate the iconic Clone Troopers of the 212th Recon Division as seen in the series and games for SW Legion.

This Project is Completed

SW Legion 212th Recon Division

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Skill 4
Idea 4

I always loved the iconic look and colour scheme of the clone troopers of the 212th Recon Division and wanted to use them in my games of SW Legion.

Recently I stumbled upon Darkfire Designs and their Gumroad page

where they sell STL files (also presupported) for a large variety of Legion minis. So I started my freshly bought Photon S and gave it a shot.

The bases were also printed and I used the one from AirborneElmo on thingiverse, which I think are the best designed amongst all the legion bases:


Painting guide:

Primed with black and zenithal Highlight with White

Basecoat with GW Bugmans Glow

Sponge on GW Doombull Brown

Drybrush with GW Cadian flesh

Paint belt and helmet rim with GW Doombull brown

Wash mini with GW Agrax Earthshade

Paint undergarment, the gloves and the weapons with Vallejo German Grey adn wash with GW Nuln Oil

Paint on markings with GW Averland Sunset and Highlight with GW Yriel Yellow

Paint GW Contrast Black Templar into the visor (makes it easier not to overpaint the goggle rims) You can apply it to the undergarment areas to get deeper shadows if you like.

Drybrush weapons with GW Leadbelcher

Highlight gloves with GW Mechanicus Standard Grey

Cover with varnish of choice

Squad of ARC troopersSquad of ARC troopers
Squad leaderSquad leader
Generic troopers with DC-15SGeneric troopers with DC-15S
Specialist with DC-15ASpecialist with DC-15A
Heavy Trooper with Z-6 rotary blasterHeavy Trooper with Z-6 rotary blaster

Thanks for reading and happy painting!

Until next time!

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