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Weekender: Dino Fun With The Drowned Earth & Exploring Universal Rule Systems

4 days ago 179

You could WIN a Drowned Earth Two-Player Bundle PLUS we’re discussing loads more in the show today!

We Are The Watchers: FFG Announces A Game Of Thrones Catan Expansion


The night is dark and full of…mammoths?!

FFG Announce Another Unique Game – Discover: Lands Unknown


Fantasy Flight Games announced another new “unique” title to follow their exciting Gen Con reveal of KeyForge. In Discover: Lands Unknown, players will get to explore a fresh, new adventure in every copy- all you have to do is survive.

FFG Go Back To The Clone Wars In Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire


Fantasy Flight Games are stepping back in time to the Clone Wars with a new Era Supplement for Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire.

FFG Update KeyForge Rulebook With Bundles Of Background


You can currently download both the Quick Start Rules and Full Rulebook for KeyForge.

Weekender: Unlocking KeyForge & Setting Sail With Blood & Plunder!


We have an awesome episode of The Weekender from the US Studio!

Super Star Destroyers Come To FFG’s Star Wars: Armada


Fantasy Flight Games unveiled another new ship for Star Wars: Armada at Gen Con last week. Here we have the mighty Super Star Destroyer which is going to be destroying planets and decimating entire fleets.

The Mother Of Dragons Comes Home To Board Gaming Westeros


A Game of Thrones: The Board Game is getting its first expansion in five years, and it’s one we’ve been waiting for – Daenerys Targaryen is being added to the battle for the Iron Throne.

Fantasy Flight Games Announces Arkham Horror 3rd Edition


It’s Friday. Gen Con has us pretty intense, and John is painting some eerie Nighthaunts in the back room of the office.  Everything feels a bit manic and creepy, so let’s talk Arkham Horror.

Let The Wookie Win! New Star Wars: Legion Releases Announced


Star Wars: Legion expands in the near future with a look towards allies on both sides of the galactic conflict.

Privateer Press Bring Legend Of The Five Rings To MiniCrate


Privateer Press has joined forces with Fantasy Flight Games to produce a range of Legend Of The Five Rings miniatures through the MiniCrate system. The MiniCrate system, for those who don’t know, produces a line of bespoke miniatures that are […]

FFG Announce Richard Garfield’s New Card Game, KeyForge


KeyForge has been causing quite the storm over at Gen Con.

Into The Twilight: Asmodee CEO Steps Down


Christian T. Petersen, the founder of Fantasy Flight Games and CEO of Asmodee North America, has announced he will be stepping down from the role to focus on “the pursuit of other interests”.

The Greyjoys Go Raiding In FFG’s Game Of Thrones LCG


Fantasy Flight Games is going raiding with the Greyjoys as they get their Deluxe Expansion for A Game Of Thrones: The Card Game. 

Meet The Ynfernael Mistress Of RuneWars In New Preview


Fantasy Flight Games has another preview of RuneWars for you this week as they look towards the Ynfernael Mistress known as Kethra A’laak. Take a peek at this new character for the Uthuk Y’llan.

Delve Deeper Into Star Wars: Legion With The Rebel Scum Podcast

4 weeks ago 1

If you’re into Star Wars: Legion and want some more hobby-related content to delve into then check out The Rebel Scum Podcast!

FFG Take Imperial Assault To Jabba’s Palace With New Digital Story


Fantasy Flight Games is taking Star Wars: Imperial Assault back to Jabba’s Palace with a new campaign which has been uploaded to their digital companion app for the game. 

FFG Announces Next Star Wars: Destiny Expansion; Across The Galaxy


Fantasy Flight Games, hot on the heels of the release of Way Of The Force, has announced the next expansion to Star Wars: Destiny. New characters and more are arriving with Across The Galaxy.

FFG Tease Big New Project, Discover: Lands Unknown


Fantasy Flight Games look to be exploring an entirely new IP this August with the announcement of Discover: Lands Unknown.

Scout The Outlands With Upcoming RuneWars Daqan Troops


The forces of Daqan in Terrinoth are supported by valiant and brave warriors, but not all of your allies are going to be of a savoury nature. This is where the Outland Scouts come in when you build your armies for Fantasy Flight Games’ RuneWars.

Defend Your Priority Supplies In FFG’s Star Wars: Legion


Fantasy Flight Games has now released their set of terrain for Star Wars: Legion, the Priority Supplies box. 

Fantasy Flight’s Fallout Board Game Expands Into New California


Fantasy Flight Games have announced the coming of a new expansion for Fallout: The Board Game. It’s time to explore the wasteland of New California. New California brings plenty of opportunities for the right wasteland wanderer looking for loot and […]

Weekender: What’s New For Drowned Earth & UKGE Prize Winners Announced!


UKGE Prize Winners to announce, a great delve into Vanguard Of War and Drowned Earth and much more today on the show!

FFG’s Star Wars RPG 30th Anniversary Edition Is Here!


FFG has released the long awaited 30th Anniversary Edition of the Star Wars RPG.

The Emperor Brings His Ultimate Power To Star Wars: Legion


Fantasy Flight Games has decided that if you can’t get your underlings to do a job properly, you send in the head honcho.

Weekender: Epic ELITE: Dangerous Battle Card Dogfights & Kurage Crisis Infinity Update!


We’re discussing ELITE Dangerous: Battle Cards, the ongoing Kurage Crisis Infinity Campaign and Warren falls in love with loads of mats at once!

Head On Horrific Journeys In New Mansions of Madness Expansion


Fantasy Flight Games have a new expansion for Mansions of Madness up for pre-order, taking your investigators out into the terrors plaguing the greater world; Horrific Journeys. 

FFG Go Hunting With Slave 1 For X-Wing 2nd Edition


Fantasy Flight Games continue to preview the new models coming your way for X-Wing 2nd Edition. The latest of these is for Scum & Villainy and Slave 1 made popular by Boba and Jango Fett. 

New Mat Designed For FFG’s Star Wars: Imperial Assault


A new Star Wars: Imperial Assault Mat has been designed, perfect for tournament organisers to get people stuck into the Fantasy Flight game. Here we have the Tarkin Initiative Skirmish Map.

Final Android: Netrunner Deluxe Expansion Reign & Reverie Now Available


Fantasy Flight Games has now released the final Deluxe Expansion for Android: Netrunner. Reign & Reverie is now available for Runners and Corporations…

The Latari Elves & Uthuk Get Reinforcements For FFG’s RuneWars


Fantasy Flight Games have been building on the units available to both commanders of the Latari Elves and the Uthuk with some new RuneWars releases on the horizon.

New Adversary Decks On The Way For Genesys RPG


Fantasy Flight Games is looking to make things a little easier for first-time Storytellers in their Genesys RPG. They are going to be releasing Adversary Packs for you to use in your games set amongst the Fantasy realm of Terrinoth. 

Fantasy Flight Announces Preorder Bundle For The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game


Gandalf will arrive on August 28th in the form of early access to the new digital platform for The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game.

Fantasy Flight Games Summon Wraiths For Use In RuneWars


Fantasy Flight Games has been talking more about one of the new units for RuneWars and the Waiqar forces. Here we have the shadowy Wraiths, screaming their way across the battlefield. 

FFG Detail Release Dates For Star Wars: Destiny Way Of The Force


Fantasy Flight Games has released the dates at which you’ll be able to get your hands on the new boosters for Star Wars: Destiny and Way Of The Force. It’s a lot sooner than I thought too!

Weekender XLBS: Kickstarter Making Better Games; Your Feedback & Comments!


Video Re-Uploaded & Ready to Watch

We’ve got some hobby to show off and then YOUR feedback on the Kickstarter discussion from last week…

Get A Look At Rebels Of Different Sorts For Star Wars: Destiny!


Fantasy Flight Games has been giving us another look at some of the cards that are coming your way as part of Way Of The Force, the new expansion for Star Wars: Destiny.

FFG Present The Glorious Legend Of The Five Rings RPG Core Book


Fantasy Flight Games has previewed the beautiful looking Core Book for the Legend Of The Five Rings Roleplaying Game. 

Powering Down As FFG Announce The End Of Android: Netrunner


Fantasy Flight Games announced this weekend that they were bringing Android: Netrunner to an end.

Lando’s Millennium Falcon Soars Into X-Wing 2nd Edition


With the new movie out and X-Wing 2nd Edition coming soon, Fantasy Flight Games gives us a look at Lando’s Millennium Falcon which at this point still has yet to be put through the mill!

Weekender: Mythic Weave Tales Of Solomon Kane + CMON’s A Song Of Ice & Fire Unboxed!


Today we’re unboxing A Song Of Ice & Fire by CMON and hearing all about what makes Mythic Games’ Solomon Kane tick with Az!

Mount Your Star Wars: Legion Models On New FFG Sculpted Bases


If you’re looking to get into the hobbying side of Star Wars: Legion then Fantasy Flight Games’ new Premium Bases might be what you’re looking for.