Marvel Champions Gen Con Teases: Mojo Mania & Wolverine

August 11, 2022 by fcostin

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Gen Con may be behind us but we're still hearing about all of the fantastic announcements that were live at the event. Fantasy Flight Games were incredibly active, announcing the new Star Wars Deck-Building Game, and showcasing their newest from Arkham Horror and Twilight Imperium. Safe to say, there's a lot on the cards upcoming at Fantasy Flight.

Mutant Genesis Box - Fantasy Flight

Mutant Genesis Box // Fantasy Flight

Marvel Champions is in the midst of presenting the next upcoming wave of releases, Mutant Genesis will be releasing at the end of September, announcing the debut of the X-Men in Marvel Champions.

There is set to be a stack of six hero packs to be released alongside Mutant Genesis, instead of the usual output of four. With Colossus and Shadowcat stacked out in the box, Cyclops and Phoenix were released as individual packs, and four are yet to be announced.

Fantasy Flight has teased, not just one Hero Pack making way for Mutant Genesis at Gen Con, but a standalone scenario pack sending players off to a surreal time in Mojoworld. Recruiting the 'SNIKT' sounding, adamantium clawed super healer, Wolverine to help take down Magneto, alongside a Scenario Pack that brings players an unhealthy dose of Mojo Mania.

Marvel Champions - Mojo Mania Scenario Pack Preview

Marvel Champions // Mojo Mania Scenario Pack Tease

Wolverine's upcoming Hero Deck has been focused on his speedy sensation to heal up in a heartbeat. Causing a fierce amount of damage to foes, whilst healing up in a flash. Mojo Mania will contain three different scenarios - as players are captured and thrown into the Mojoverse, placing players in the midst of different television genres, as there's something always worth watching on the spineless spice channel.

As both of these titles were just announced at Gen Con, showcased as a cheeky little tease; there has been no release date nailed down for the two sets. However, considering the debut of the X-Men comes on September 30th - I am sure Wolverine will not be too far behind the party. Maybe he doesn't make it onto the jet on time!

There are three X-Men yet to be announced for Mutant Genesis. Who would you like to see? Beast and Jubilee would be wonderful to introduce. But only three spots, and so many X-Men to choose from! 

"There's something always worth watching on the spineless spice channel!"

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