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X-Men Debut In Marvel Champions For Mutant Genesis


The newest expansion has been teased over at Fantasy Flight Games, bringing the X-Men to focus for the next large release in Mutant Genesis. 

Themeborne’s Strike HQ Brings Card Game Warfare To Kickstarter


Themeborne, the creators of the awesome "Escape The Dark..." series of games have come to Kickstarter with a brand new project. Strike HQ brings RTS-style warfare to the tabletop as part of a brand new card game with plenty of strategic depth.

Sinister Motives; Marvel Champions’ Spidey-Centric Expansion!


The Sinister Motives Expansion is bringing forward a Spidey-cast to the deck-building title.

Two LOTR LCG Cycles Reimaged For Next Revised Expansion


Players can now dip into two choices up ahead in their adventures. Whether they want to enlist a ton of heroes or run straight through into some campaign.

LOTR LCG: New Starter Decks – Themed Decks Beyond The Core Set


Fantasy Flight Games have released four new pre-made decks for you to flex some heroes into battle drawn together by theme.

Return To Mirkwood With LOTR LCG New Scenario Pack


Sound the Horn of Gondor, Light the Beacon - we have new content (kind of) for Lord of the Rings LCG!

Best Time To Start Arkham Horror? The Path To Carcosa Revised!


Fantasy Flight Games are making their way through Arkham Horror, bringing fresh life to previous expansions!

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Questing #MiddleEarthMonday


In this week's instalment, Free and her Fellowship head to The Hills of Emyn Muil with no distractions! No eagles needing health, no trolls needing a shift-delete; just one focus: to find Gollum!

Ironheart Soars With Versatility Into Marvel Champions


Ironheart will be equipping her advanced armour for some justice-filled takedowns to rid the world of horrors in the upcoming Ironheart Hero Pack.

Save The Eagles, So Eagles Can Save Frodo! #MiddleEarthMonday


Free will be continuing on through the fearsome woods and rivers that encompass Mirkwood. With the next adventure on the list, A Journey To Rhosgobel.

Lord Of The Rings: LCG Revised Core Set Now Available!


Bringing more organisation, quality to life improvements and a few extra cards to the Core Set.

The Nova Corps Arrive: Nova Gears Up For Marvel Champions!


The Nova Hero Pack is now available to pre-order. Bringing the galactic police force into your next titanous takedown. 

Trolls Mess With The Wrong Rohan Soldier! #MiddleEarthMonday


Free & Heroes get into some serious conflict with four trolls! Let's hope we can count on the Beornlings to aid in in this conflict-heavy adventure.

Free Races Across Mirkwood In The Hunt For Gollum #MiddleEarthMonday


Free & her heroes head off into the Anduin Valley to hunt clues for the elusive Gollum. Will they find him to gain more knowledge of Sauron's dark plans?

Free Enlists The Elves To Escape From Dol Guldur! #MiddleEarthMonday


Free and her Elf-heavy Middle-earth heroes journey into Dol Guldur, to complete the final scenario from the Core Set of The Lord of the Rings LCG.

Wendy Adams Returns In Free Print-And-Play Arkham Horror Scenario!


Wendy Adams is returning with a darker and edgier twist, and a new scenario Red Ride Rising focusing on her devastating past.

Free’s Heroes Journey Down The Anduin River! #MiddleEarthMonday


It was time to edge out of the woods, and onto the river, as we push on with this The Lord Of The Rings: The Card Game adventure. Orcs and Spiders make way for terrible Trolls as Free continues her Journey Down The Anduin River.

Free’s Heroes Complete The Passage Through Mirkwood! #MiddleEarthMonday


Free takes on her Journey through Mirkwood, facing many an Orc and Spider through the dark and gloomy forest. Our heroes step up for the challenge, but it is Gandalf who saves the day and gets us through harm!

Gather Aid With New Lord Of The Rings: LCG Heroic Starter Packs


The Lord Of The Rings: The Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games is getting an updated Core Set next year. With that, a lot of new people are going to be forming Fellowships and heading off on new adventures in Middle-earth. To aid new players, the designers have put together new Starter Decks!

Return To Rivalling Street Crime In Marvel Champions With The Hood


If you are looking for a break from some Spidey shooting and Hulk smashing in serious world fighting crime. The Hood is looking to enlist...

Join Free’s Solo Adventures Into LOTR LCG Every #MiddleEarthMonday!


Join me at the start of each week for #MiddleEarthMonday as I plunge my way into The Lord Of The Rings LCG solo. There is a real challenge awaiting me!

Investigate Uncharted Antactica In New Arkham Horror LCG Expansion


Another untouched mystery takes players into uncharted territories. Into the stunning terrain of snow, wind and wilderness Antarctica.

Venture Into The Dark Of Mirkwood With The Lord Of The Rings LCG


Fantasy Flight Games has detailed what you get as part of The Dark Of Mirkwood campaign that will be available next year for The Lord Of The Rings: The Card Game. Will you get revenge against the Goblins of the forest?

Yu-Gi-Oh’s Battle Of Chaos First Core Set Coming 2022


Coming February 2022, the newest core booster set brings 100 new cards into the mix with some game-changing standings with new monsters, forms and summons. 

Arkham Horror Core Box Gets Revised Box For New Players


The core box for Arkham Horror LGC has been revisited. With improvements made to the core box, and an all-encompassing revision to improve the game even further, making this the perfect jumping-on point for new players.

Fantasy Flight Games’ June Releases Are Now Available


Fantasy Flight Games have got their hands in a lot of pies. When it comes to board and card game players, usually, one of their favourite games belongs to Fantasy Flight Games. My own is Lord of the Rings LCG, and I quite enjoy Arkham Horror and Keyforge too. 

Polar Dwarves Arrive In Summoner Wars From Plaid Hat Games


As if the new previews for what is coming up for Summoner Wars by Plaid Hat Games could get any cooler! If you'd have told me that there would be Polar Dwarves joining the fray - that'd bring up enough excitement. But it is not just Polar Dwarves, as these rough riders come axe-wielding and mounted upon the back of polar bears. Calling in the Bear Cavalry!

Venom Hero Pack Leaps Into FFG’s Marvel Champions In July!


Fantasy Flight Games has been previewing another hero coming to Marvel Champions later this year. Venom is getting a Hero Pack but not in the form that you might think! Designed to match up with the Guardians Of The Galaxy, Flash Thompson is getting ready to get his Space Knight on.

New Edition; Ashes Reborn By Plaid Hat Games Now Available


Ashes Reborn has indeed risen from the ashes, with the brand new edition from Plaid Hat Games which is available right now! The expandable card game has got an upgrade, so not only the starter set has had a refresh, but all products including the expansion decks have been added to the mix.

The Savanna Elves Are Coming To Plaid JHat’s Summoner Wars


To all Summoners out there, the newest faction is preparing to make a way into Summoner Wars Second Edition from Plaid Hat Games. And this time bringing a wild bunch of beasts to the table.

Drax The Destroyer Crashes Into Marvel Champions: The Card Game


Drax, our favourite space travelling, bright green, knife-wielding berserker has now been announced to be joining the world of Marvel Champions: The Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games with a brutal and fierce new deck. 

Summoner Wars 2nd Edition Pre-Orders Now Available


Plaid Hat Games are now taking pre-orders (releasing in May) for their new and updated version of Summoner Wars.

Catch Up On The FFG In-Flight Report; Star Wars, Marvel & More


Last night, Fantasy Flight Games held their In-Flight Report which was a rundown of all of the new products they have coming up over the next few months and into 2021.

FFG Reveal Rise Of The Red Skull For Marvel: Champions


At GAMA this week Fantasy Flight Games revealed the first big expansion box for Marvel: Champions.

Hulk Rampages Into Fantasy Flight’s Marvel Champions Soon


Fantasy Flight Games has been previewing a new hero for Marvel Champions and this time it's another ally from the base game. Here we have The Incredible Hulk who is ready to smash everything in his way!

Fantasy Flight Unleash Doctor Strange On Marvel: Champions


Fantasy Flight Games has previewed another awesome character for the world of Marvel: Champions. Bring Doctor Strange into the mix with his new Hero Pack which will be dropping soon!

Black Widow Prepares To Strike In Marvel Champions


Fantasy Flight Games has now previewed the hero that will come after Thor in their releases schedule for Marvel Champions.

Thor Brings The Hammer Down For FFG’s Marvel Champions


Fantasy Flight Games has been showing off what comes as part of the new Hero Pack for Thor which will be dropping in the first half of 2020 for Marvel Champions.

FFG Release April Fool’s Joke Gone Mad With Barkham Horror


Fantasy Flight Games has been showing off a new deluxe expansion which evolved from an April Fool's Joke.

Battle The Wrecking Crew In New Marvel: Champions Scenario


Fantasy Flight Games has shown off the next Scenario Pack which is going to be coming to Marvel: Champions.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game Releasing November 1st


Fantasy Flight Games has announced that the official release date for Marvel Champions: The Card Game is going to be November 1st.

Ms. Marvel Brings Her Flexible Set Of Skills To Marvel Champions


The next expansion for Marvel Champions: The Card Game is going to be for the awesome Ms. Marvel who we've been seeing pop up a lot in Marvel-related content recently.

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