Wendy Adams Returns In Free Print-And-Play Arkham Horror Scenario!

January 7, 2022 by fcostin

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In the light of the festive season, and the new year coming in smoothly, Fantasy Flight Games have released a new alternative investigator and scenario for Arkham Horror for free on their website. Wendy Adams is returning with a darker and edgier twist, and a new scenario Red Ride Rising focusing on her devastating past.

The Urchin aka Wendy Adams has made her return but this time, being both blessed and cursed simultaneously. The orphaned investigator has been learning some interesting skills when coming up against an enemy.

Wendy Adams - Arkham Horror

Wendy Adams - Standard & Parallel Cards // Arkham Horror

In Red Tide Rising, players will be putting a parallel Wendy Adams in the front-and-centre. With the hope of finding more information regarding her shady past, players will hunt and investigate in hopes of finding her father. However, all she has to go by is a photograph that will lead her to Innsmouth. Wendy must scope her environment for clues and engage with the townspeople but must be careful to not draw the gaze of some unlikely opponents.

Wendy's Amulet - Wendy Adams

Wendy's Amulet Card // Arkham Horror

Wendy has been equipped with some new skills for 2022 in this parallel version, allowing her to slip away with ease from any trouble, whilst keeping the enemy stuck in the mud with the blessing of a sealing token. Allowing a nice breezy visit on return of investigation. With one foot in Bless and one foot in Curse, when uncovering an elder sign during a skill test - Wendy has the chance to reveal two tokens that can help her utilise her abilities.

Plus, who would Wendy Adams be without her trusty amulet? Provided to her by her mother before being orphaned, the new print-and-play deck will add a tweaked Amulet card into the mix, along with new challenges arising on the card, Abandoned and Alone.

For you to get hold of the new cards, you do not need to pay anything for them - just be sure that you have the core box of Arkham Horror so you can jump straight into the paranormal.

Will you be downloading the parallel version of Wendy Adams? 

"The Urchin aka Wendy Adams has made her return but this time, being both blessed and cursed simultaneously..."

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