Return To Rivalling Street Crime In Marvel Champions With The Hood

November 29, 2021 by fcostin

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There is a lot going on in Marvel Champions: The Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games at the moment. With the recent release of The Mad Titan's Shadow. As A-lister superheroes flock from across the galaxy to take down the power-hungry space tyrant.

However if you are looking for a break from some Spidey shooting, arc reactor pewing, and Hulk smashing your way through hard and serious world fighting crime. The Hood is looking to enlist.

THood - Image One

The Hood Scenario Pack // Marvel Champions LCG

Parker Robbins stands forefront of a band of fearsome street thugs and hooligans. In an empire that he has constructed, all whilst wearing a spectacular red hood. He may not be a galactic villain, but he is quite the pain in the side of ongoing crime in New York City.

The new card pack contains 78 new cards that centre around The Hood himself, and the empire and well-evolved organisation around him. Including encounter sets for your scenarios, this set can be dropped into any existing campaign or played as a one-off.

THood - Image Two

Card Previews // The Hood Scenario Pack

You can now add The Hood scenarios to your game today. Takedown some real good ol classic street crime, because I bet sometimes, Iron Man would not mind a City contained gang empire. Certainly a change and different release from the previous packs from Marvel Champions.

The new Scenario Pack is now available to purchase at your FLGS store and online, for you to get your small-time-crime fighting tactics to a different strategy.

Who would you build together to take on the grand organisation headed up by The Hood? 

"In an empire that he has constructed, all whilst wearing a spectacular red hood..."

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