The Nova Corps Arrive: Nova Gears Up For Marvel Champions!

January 31, 2022 by fcostin

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Call in the space cadets, as there is a new hero full of teen angst ready to make their way into Marvel Champions. Unlike Spider-Man keeping an eye on the streets of New York, this hero is soaring the skies and space, with the newest recruit to the Nova Corps: Buckethead himself, Nova.

Now we are not talking about old school Nova, Richard Rider. We are talking about the young and rebellious Sam Alexander. The Nova Hero Pack is now available to pre-order. Bringing the galactic police force into your next titanous takedown.

Nova Hero Pack - Marvel Champions

Nova Hero Pack // Marvel Champions

Nova glides into Marvel Champions with this pre-build Aggression deck, straight from the box and into play. With new 15 cards, unlocking Sam as a new playable hero wielding his signature Supernova helmet to soar through the sky and take down any enemy with the swoop across the horizon.

Want to get cards out fast at a low cost? Nova is your man. The special bucket-head helmet will allow players to continuously generate "wild" resources. What that means is that so long as Nova is wearing his helmet, it will be a breeze to get some cards out for action at a quick pace. Zooming past enemies like there is no tomorrow, players can be throwing out cards as quick as they can pay for them. Even if that means teaming up with the Nova Force for a bit of backup.

Card Previews - Nova Hero Pack

Card Previews // Nova Hero Pack

For the first time, Fantasy Flight Games have added a bonus modular encounter set in the Nova Hero Pack. Allowing players to take down the scientifically tweaked supervillain, Armadillo. Providing the perfect opportunity for players to get the playstyle of Nova down. Featuring a hard as nails villain with protective armour, the longer the Armadillo is in play, the tougher he becomes. Perfect for a speedy force of intergalactic light to take on! Providing an extra challenge in the box, not just a character expansion to add to your current campaign.

Nova is now available to pre-order, ready to join Earth's Mightiest Heroes in their battle against evil. Making way onto your tabletops in May this year.

Now that the Mad Titan is out the way, will you be adding Nova to your roster to take down the looming threat of the Sinister Six? 

"Want to get cards out fast at a low cost? Nova is your man..."

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