Join Free’s Solo Adventures Into LOTR LCG Every #MiddleEarthMonday!

November 26, 2021 by fcostin

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It’s no secret that we here at OnTableTop are interested in the world crafted by J.R.R Tolkien. Middle-earth is broad, spanning over four different ages with rich stories embedded across each period. A prosperous world of fantasy, war, love, peace and torment.

Free's Adventures Into Middle-earth // #MiddleEarthMonday

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As I peered deeper and discussed my next Middle-Earth challenge, a difficult trial had popped into my head. I am going to attempt to journey my way through Middle-earth in a medium where I have become stuck once before. A brutal challenge that will take serious strategy and tactics, as I step side-by-side with heroes I cherish, and villains I love to hate. In a one-handed solo playthrough of Lord Of The Rings LCG by Fantasy Flight Games.

The Lord Of The Rings: The Card Game is very much alive - apt when it's a Living Card Game. Made up of the core set, expansions, nightmare decks, and adventure decks, sagas, one-off scenarios spanning across a wealth of different cycles, it is hard to know where to get stuck in past the Core Set!


The Lord Of The Rings: The Card Game // Fantasy Flight Games

My time has come for a one-handed solo playthrough of The Lord of The Rings: The Card Game, and I would love for you to join me on my adventure.

Maybe you want to play along with me and give yourself a solo challenge or to try out a new deck, maybe you want to get started in the game with your partner or children, or maybe you are just interested in the journey across the world. Regardless, I look forward to seeing you on the adventure and below in the comments.


Test Deck // Leadership Influence

The Lord Of The Rings: The Card Game Core Set encourages players to cooperate when taking down the dark forces of Sauron, with two players fighting side-by-side with their own decks mustering their way to Mordor. So if you are playing along, don’t feel like you have to challenge yourself by constricting to a solo one-hand playthrough - when two of you can take on Sauron’s armies!

I will take you through my deck, set up for the scenario along with a run-down of strategy and tactics of heroes and artefacts I used to make my way through the single-handed brutality (or at least try to)!


Pascal The Defiant // Worst Assistant Ever

Although I will not be cooperating, I do have an assistant who conspires against me at most opportunities. He has been known to steal resources from heroes, flee with the threat level and interfere with Samwise’s breakfast. He might not be included in your Core Set, but I am sure some of you have an assistant equally as qualified for chaos!

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Join me at the start of each week for #MiddleEarthMonday as I plunge my way into The Lord Of The Rings LCG solo. Starting with the first scenario of the Core Set, Passage Through Mirkwood, I'll be heading into Mirkwood alongside my heroes of influence, and a deck in hand. All ready to journey towards Lorien for more information regarding the looming threat in South Mirkwood.

See you on the Banks of Anduin River next Monday at 12 GMT! 

"Although I will not be cooperating, I do have an assistant who conspires against me at most opportunities..."

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