Themeborne’s Strike HQ Brings Card Game Warfare To Kickstarter

May 19, 2022 by brennon

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Themeborne, the creators of the awesome "Escape The Dark..." series of games have come to Kickstarter with a brand new project. Strike HQ brings RTS-style warfare to the tabletop as part of a brand new card game with plenty of strategic depth.

Strike HQ Kickstarter - Themeborne

Strike HQ Kickstarter // Themeborne

The first of the games in the Strike HQ series is based around World War II and has you taking on the role of the Allies or the Axis. The game is a head-to-head affair where you build up your base, move troops around the tabletop and try to break down your enemy's HQ.

You can check out us playing the game down below...

Let's Play: Strike HQ // Themeborne

...and if you want to read more about the rules then you can check out their draft Rulebook as well! I really like the back and forth that you get in the game and how the fog of war means that you're always second-guessing your actions. The simultaneous reveal of troops and then the unfolding action does feel just like a real-time strategy game like Command & Conquer.

What's In The Core Box?

Strike HQ is designed as an expandable card game that can be played in either a Classic or Constructed mode. You can simply take the cards from the core box and just try to outwit your opponent. OR, you can mix up the cards in your deck and go for a different approach. Do you fancy just going all out with the tanks?

Strike HQ Core Set #1 - Themeborne

Strike HQ Core Set #2 - Themeborne

Strike HQ Core Set // Themeborne

To that end, the core set comes with a whole bunch of cards for both the Axis and the Allies. Artwork comes from Neil Roberts who has worked on the Commando Comics series and with Games Workshop in the past. I think it certainly gets across the look and feel of over-the-top World War II action.

Pledge-wise, the game has a solid basic pledge that gets you the Core Set and the first Alpha expansion to the game.

Sergeant Pledge - Strike HQ

Sergeant Pledge // Strike HQ

You can then go all in and get the Core Set plus a whole bunch of Expansion Packs. Stretch Goals are also in the works as they look to include gaming mats, art book options and more for those diving into the game.

I really like how "complete" the game is and the degree of replayability that you get out of just the core set. You can tweak and change the battlefield, your deck and because you have access to all of your cards, you're not tied to the whims of randomness!

World War II seems a great place to start with Strike HQ and it would be neat to see this project succeed and go on to spawn more Strike HQ games in different genres!

What do you make of Strike HQ?

"I really like how "complete" the game feels and the degree of replayability that you get out of just the core set..."

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