Dive Into Digital Talisman For 79p On Humble Bundle!

June 27, 2022 by fcostin

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It seems that most board gamers have a version of Talisman amongst their hoard. Whether that be the original jaunt of medieval high fantasy, embarking across worlds for a magical quest to find the Crown of Command. A hunt to Emporer Palpatine in the Star Wars version of Talisman or a race to close the door to darkness in Kingdom Hearts Talisman.

Many a version has been responsible for players finding love for Talisman, in a long-stint adventure across many different worlds and franchises. Maybe your entry could be digital!

If you are looking to add Talisman and its wealth of expansions to your digital library, Humble Bundle have got you covered. Bringing three different bundles that will throw you deeper into the digital world of Talisman, including base games and a wealth of expansions and characters to access via Steam.

Talisman The Complete Collection - Humble Bundle

Talisman: The Complete Collection // Humble Bundle

The largest bundle which contains 54 different items inside weighs in at £8.89. This includes Talisman: Digital Edition, Character Packs,  Legendary Decks, an entry into some solo play with Talisman: Origins, plus expansion after expansion as DLC with all released digital expansion titles like Talisman - The Nether Realm Expansion and Talisman: Origins - Beyond the Veil. All are worth £137.74 if you were to download them yourself.

Campiagn Preview - Humble Bundle

Campaign Preview // Humble Bundle

However, if you didn't need such a chunky bundle, you can swag yourself a trimmed-down 30-item bundle for £7.64. Or just try your hands at the Digital Edition only for as little as £0.79!

The offer has not been live for too long, but if you are tempted to bolster your digital gaming library further - the deal ends in 9 days from now. And if you do pitch in, you will also be supporting the affiliated charity with the bundle - The Trevor Project.

A wonderful idea if you are looking at expanding your Steam library with some more board games, and a great way to dive into a full and complete digital universe for less that a tenner!

Another one for me to add to my digital pile of shame in my Steam Library... 

"Or try your hands at the Digital Edition only for as little as £0.79!"

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