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icanpaint Star Wars Legion

icanpaint Star Wars Legion

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Project Blog by cdn41

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About the Project

I saw Star Wars at age 5, in 1977. It was life altering. So I have started to paint a collection of models from the New Hope, Rogue One, and Mandalorian eras of the storyline. Miniatures are ... well, not the greatest, expensive, but do paint up ok. The Start Line:

This Project is Active

So ... much ... white...

Tutoring 1
Skill 6
Idea 1
Who’s next?Who’s next?

Right. So the two finished troopers are back, left; one officer has been painted but not weathered; three more are in various stages of paint.
And the Dewback – is at the back.

Of note, is my highly inspirational water mug – to the right of the Dewback.


Vader’s going to choke us...

Tutoring 9
Skill 11
Idea 10
Droids. Damn them. Droids. Damn them.

My first two Stormtroopers, with some added dialogue.

The bases are the techy ones; the concept is to have a table with a crashed starship that these will mesh into with blown in sand and rust etc.

Airbrush primed with a SATA 4B 0.5mm,  Vallejo White; Army Painter Dark Tone Wash; Vallejo Silvergrey; Vallejo White. Black, added some grey, Vallejo Field Blue for weapon highlights. Eyes are Vallejo Transparent Green over white. W&N S7 00 for most work.

Bases AK Rust airbrushed with Golden Coarse Pumice Gel texture; Vallejo Air Concrete for dust, misted over lower areas, and over top areas. Details airbrushed with Iwata HP-SH 0.2mm.

Still need to be sealed with matte varnish – I’ll batch seal them.

More troopers, and a dewback on the table ….


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