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Khaguran’s Headhunters

Khaguran’s Headhunters

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Project Blog by ntrabbit

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About the Project

Ogre army for Mantic's Kings of War, using Ogres from Mantic; Goblins from Mantic and Reaper; prehistoric animals from Acheson Creations, DeeZee Miniatures, Stonehaven Miniatures, and Reaper; and Accent and conversion pieces in resin and MDF from 3t Studios (using Hirst molds), Warbases, Shapeways, and various repurposed odds and ends. Long grass is Woodlands Scenics Light Green Field Grass.

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Mounted Reinforcements

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Added some cavalry to the army, in the form of a troop of Red Goblin Scouts, and a Warlord on Chariot. Wood glue holding down the grass was a little wet when I took the time sensitive photos (fun little monthly comp), but they do look better dry.


The scouts are Hasslefree multipart goblins on Stonehaven raptors. I painted the raptors to look like the Rainbow Lorikeets I see in the garden and out walking.


The Warlord on Chariot is regular Mantic, with weapons pieced together from the blades and handles of a bunch of regular 2-handed warrior weapons (plus a Reaper sword blade and a bit of skewer), and the mount is a Brontotherium from Acheson Creations. He’s magnetised to switch between 1-handed w/ shield and 2-handed mode.

Work in progress to date

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Since I’ve been working on this for some years already, the opening entry is the first three units I made – a regiment of Shooters, a regiment of Boomers, and a horde of Warriors – and the 3 most recent – Mammoth with optional ballista, Khaguran (counts-as Grokagamok), and a Boomer Sergeant.

Everything in between can be found in my imgur album here

Future updates will be able to follow unit by unit as I add cavalry, and more large infantry units for which I do not yet have minis.

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