USAopoly Float A Series Of Games Based On IT

March 5, 2019 by dracs

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USAopoly have announced that this year will see the release of a series of games based on the 2017 movie adaptation of Stephen King's IT, including Clue: IT and Monopoly: IT leading to one question: why?

Out of all the classic board games, Clue is probably the one that would best fit a setting like IT. You take command of the Loser's Club and travel around the town of Derry, Maine in order discover what the sinister Pennywise is plotting.

Who will the clown abduct next? What will it use to lure them? Where will it take them? All questions that need answering to stop the force that haunts Derry. It's easy to see how the classic murder mystery game lends itself to the horror movie.

This next title, on the other hand...

Yup, it's another Monopoly title. And as with most Monopoly titles, this one is just baffling. As always, you make your way around a board, this time based on the town of Derry, and seek to build upon the iconic locations of the story.

How does this involve Pennywise, exactly? In fact, doesn't being a Derry property developer make you one of the adults that the Loser's Club themselves were pitted against in their attempts to stop Pennywise? Just... Just why?

One last piece of exciting news was the mention of a stand-alone game called IT: Evil Below.

IT: Evil Below is a cooperative dice and card game that challenges all members of The Loser’s Club to work together to drive Pennywise back into hibernation. More information about IT: Evil Below will be announced later this year!

This should be more interesting, as not relying on a previous game should hopefully give them a bit more freedom to make some mechanics that complement the setting.

How would you make IT into a game?

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