Fight Over Vibranium With Marvel: Crisis Protocol’s New Pack

May 19, 2023 by brennon

If you're looking to get stuck into a clash in Wakanda over Vibranium then how about checking out this upcoming set for Atomic Mass Games' Marvel: Crisis Protocol? Meet M'baku and Klaw and get stuck into a scrap to see who comes out on top.

Klaw & M Baku Set - Marvel Crisis Protol

Klaw & M'Baku Set // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Two brand new characters for those looking to take on a villainous streak or perhaps band together with other heroes from Wakanda. On the one hand, you have the mighty chieftain known as M'Baku who can use his strength to take on even the most mighty of foes. Set him alongside T'Challa, the Black Panther, and you'll have a pair of heroes ready to keep Wakanda safe. It helps that M'Baku's miniature also looks fearsome, glaring down at his next opponent.

M Baku - Marvel Crisis Protocol

M'Baku // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Perhaps threatening the security of this hidden kingdom, Ulysses Klaw is using his variety of sonic weapons to try and claim Vibranium for himself and use it in more of his schemes. With an absolutely fascinating miniature that seems like one of Atomic Mass' best, I could see this fellow being an invaluable and villainous ally.

Klaw - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Klaw // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

An impressive take on the ever-fluctuating form of Klaw and what he brings to the tabletop in terms of power. If you're looking to drop these characters into Marvel: Crisis Protocol, the set comes with the statistics you need to use them in-game and you also get Team Tactic cards which will allow you to go BIG in the midst of a comic book scrap.

M Baku & Klaw - Marvel Crisis Protocol

M'Baku & Klaw // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Are you going to be diving into this new set and getting your hands on these rivals? Drop your thoughts below and let us know if there are any storylines you'd like to play out with them.

Which is your favourite?

"Are you going to be diving into this new set and getting your hands on these rivals?"

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