Add 900+ Items To Your RPG Campaign With The Vault Of Magic

November 26, 2021 by fcostin

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After a successful Kickstarter earlier this year, Kobold Press has now released their Vault of Magic supplement book, compatible with 5th Edition campaigns. Players will be provided with a new grimoire, choc-a-bloc with spells, weapons, armour and potions to be used in your next magic-filled campaign.

Valut of Magic - Image Two

Vault of Magic 5e // Kobold Press

Perfect for a GM who is keen on exploring new avenues and looking for some deeper inspiration when designing a game world. The book provides 800 new items to start off the campaign with. And not just for your heroes either! The villains and evil-folk will certainly have a few items and add-ons that can progress their evil schemes faster!

Vault of Magic - Image Three

Armour & Weapons Contents // Vault of Magic 5e

Containing a wealth of 900 items in total, whether you are looking for an enchanted locket that is hidden amongst the game world, your eyes on a swanky new wand from the local peddler, or a Candied Axe that might prove both sharp and minty delicious.

The 240-page book will encompass new item themes too. So if you are looking for a way to centre your next campaign around monsters, clockwork and apprentice wizards - you will have plenty of inspiration to draw from.

You can now pick up the Vault of Magic from your FLGS and online to add some more item-centric campaigns to your next RPG session.

Would you be interested in adding a wealth of items to your next campaign?

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