Enter The Dark Fantasy World Of Symbaroum In New Starter Set

January 21, 2021 by brennon

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Free League Publishing has started up pre-orders for a new Starter Set which lets you dive into the Dark Fantasy world of Symbaroum. See what you make of it!

Symbaroum Starter Set - Free League Publishing

Symbaroum Starter Set // Free League Publishing

Here is some of the background on Symbaroum and Treasure Hunts In Davokar...

"The Ashurani dynasty was as short-lived as it was cruel, known for its insights into the light – and the darkness. Key to their power was an artefact known as the Rod of Light and Darkness. Its touch could breathe life into dead things, or steal it away from that which lived. And guess what, the rod’s current whereabouts has been revealed! To students of the Eternal Night, this opportunity cannot be ignored! Its final resting place is said to be Lafarda’s Tower, situated in the area known to treasure-hunters as the Blasted Heath, where lightning rain burns flesh and shatters dreams."

This starter set allows you to dive into the world of Symbaroum and experience treasure hunts and exploration in the dark forest of Davokar. There are two ready-made adventure sites for you to explore plus lots more to get you going in this strange and unique world.

Symbaroum Starter Set Contents - Free League Publishing

Symbaroum Starter Set Contents // Free League Publishing

For a full rundown of the contents, you have to play around with...

  • 64-page rule book, introducing the game’s easy-to-learn and highly flexible ruleset along with its dark and mysterious game world.
  • 64-page adventure compendium, including two adventure locations for your players to explore and rules for designing adventures of your own.
  • The Symbaroum Bright Davokar Dice Set, with all the dice you need for combat, problem-solving and social challenges.
  • double-sided map, with one side depicting the game setting at large, and the other the treasure-hunters’ town of Thistle Hold.
  • A second double-sided map, showing the main locations of the two pre-made adventure landscapes, meant to be used at the gaming table.
  • Six character sheets, describing five readymade player characters and one mystical companion for you to play.

Symbaroum is a fascinating world to indulge in and whilst they have done some work to bring it in line with the 5th Edition rules used by D&D, I think the unique world of Symbaroum is worth delving into on its own too.

Are you tempted to dive in and pick up this Starter Set with a pre-order this month?

"Symbaroum is a fascinating world to indulge in..."

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