DriveThruRPG Brave Mummy the Curse

March 31, 2013 by dracs

The first new game to be set in the New World of Darkness since 2009 is now available from DriveThruRPG. Prepare to brave the horrors of Egypt in Mummy the Curse!

Mummy the Curse

Imagine being both dead and deathless at the same time. Imagine being cradled in the arms of death for years, sometimes decades on end, but all the while knowing that you will eventually not only arise again, but awaken to an unfamiliar world that mostly fears and hates you. Now imagine that your purpose, your entire existence, is bound within this cycle -- that you are chained to it for all eternity. You sleep, you wake, your serve your Judge's will in the lands of the living, and you return to the death-sleep once more. The ancient culture that empowered you is gone, lost to the sands of time... yet you endure.

In this game you are a Mummy, also known as a Deathless, bound within this eternal cycle of death and servitude.

These rules are now available in PDF form ( a hardcover version should be available soon) and could be an interesting new game to try out for both those new to the World of Darkness and more long standing fans of the series.

Will you find out what lies beneath the sands?

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