Fantasy Flight Tell Of The Crab Clan In Legend Of The Five Rings Sourcebook

March 6, 2019 by dracs

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Fantasy Flight Games have published a preview of their upcoming sourcebook for the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game, taking us out into the dangers of the Shadowlands.

The Shadowlands is a disturbing realm, separated from civilisation by the Great Carpenter Wall.

However, while other giant walls defending the civilised world are guarded by brotherhoods with a penchant for black, this wall is protected by the forces of the Crab Clan.

In their latest preview, Fantasy Flight introduce us to the clan, its ways, and the various families that make it up.

The Crab Clan is a well-oiled machine, with each family serving as an irreplaceable component. The Kaiu serve as the clan’s foundation with their ingenuity and foresight. The Hiruma are the Crab’s eyes, relaying critical information, while the Kuni are a hungry repository of knowledge. The clan’s lifeblood—the food and funds necessary for the war effort—is provided by the mercantile Yasuki. And finally, guiding it all is the Crab Clan’s heart, the courageous Hida. Together, their bond is as impenetrable as the Great Carpenter Wall.

The Shadowlands sourcebook takes a deeper look into the Crab Clan, providing you with the information you need to create adventures and NPCs based around them. It also provides plenty of plot hooks and rumours to help get your games started.

Sourcebooks like these are a great way to dig deeper into a specific aspect of a game. I often flick through them when looking for inspiration for my own games.

Shadowlands is currently up for pre-order from Fantasy Flight Games.

What sort of adventure would you set in the Shadowlands?

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