What Is Your Favourite Dungeon Dwelling Monster?

September 10, 2015 by brennon

We're all really getting into dungeon crawling and role-playing again here at Beasts of War and with that in mind we thought we'd ask you folks in the community what YOUR favourite Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder or indeed any other fantasy dungeon dwelling creature is. To get things started here are some of the selections from the crew here...



Dawn: "My favourite D&D monster is the Chimera. What's more frightening than dealing with a single monster? Dealing with one with three monstrous traits - a triple threat! And it looks AWESOME."

Gelatinous Cube

Gelatinous Cube

Warren: "At first I thought this monster had to be a joke. But, this wibbly wobbly horror has completely stole my adventuring heart. It has probably a better 'reason for existence' than almost any of our other dungeon dwelling devils. A perfectly evolved dungeon cleaning ecosystem.

The spine tingles when you hear "this part of the dungeon is unusually clean" - best get the **** out of there!"



Gianna: "My favourite monster to face is the Beholder. Every really good dark dungeon had one of these floating nightmares in it. It's such a mean and nasty monster that had so many variable attacks. It always proved a challenge for our party to defeat it."



Sam: "In Dungeons & Dragons, even the stalactites are out to get you! This is quite possibly the strangest creature ever conceived as it is one that has perfectly adapted to living off unfortunate dungeon delvers.

Essentially a big squid, the Darkmantle disguises itself as a stalactite, then drops on your head and tries to strangle you with its tentacles. I think it will take more than protective headgear to deal with that."



Justin: "You can never escape from these fiendish brain-sucking foes. Deep down there in the Underdark they not only want to control your mind but also then eat it for dinner!"



Romain: "I don't really have a favourite D&D monster, because variety is the spice of life in scenarios. However, I do love the many variations of skeletons one can have. Simple, reanimating, monstrous, giant, armoured, flaming, Lich, smart, spectral, zombie-like or fast, naga. Cannon fodder? Possibly, but they can also be the main event.

There's one for every level, they have special properties to surprise PCs with, and you can always have more of them if need be. Oh, and they're immune to piercing damage. Use skeletons and your players will never look at a pile of bones the same way again! Once, I had my players encounter a skeleton chicken, which was an experiment in a necromancer's lab.

It gleefully pecked at them until it was easily crushed, but it  surprised the hell out of them! Same thing about the guardian skeletons that kept on reanimating until reduced to powder, or until the PCs replaced the relic they were keeping. The creep factor is high, and the possibilities endless!"

Rock Troll

Lloyd: "I love all things covered in rock and troll and/or golem like. I suppose it gives me two different things to work on if I was looking at it from a modeling point of view. Tough skin and plenty of sharp rocks too.

This carries over into other games like Hordes with their Trollbloods and the awesome Mountain King."

Red Dragons

Red Dragon

Ben: "It might sound like a little bit of a cop out but if there's one iconic D&D monster that you can't do without, it's a Red Dragon. They are high level creatures, a real challenge for a group of adventures, have a dangerous attitude to go along with their deadly attacks.

It also helps that the artwork for Red Dragons has always been wonderful. If I had to pick a 'type' of monster like Romain then I would have to go with Dragons as a whole. Such a compelling creature with plenty of possibility surrounding them when it comes to adventuring."

What Would You Face?

So there you have it. There are a few of our favourite monsters that you mind find useful to pop into your own campaigns. It is very fun to dive through role-playing Monster Manuals looking at all the possibilities and as someone who is currently doing just that for my own home campaign I can tell you it's fun to come up with interesting beasts to put up against your friends.

Now we turn it over to you...

What Are Your Favourite Monsters?

Drop us a comment below and we'll talk about some of the fantastical beasts we've experienced! Maybe you'll see a type of creature you've never heard of before.

Get chatting!

"What's more frightening than dealing with a single monster? Dealing with one with three monstrous traits - a triple threat!"

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"Essentially a big squid, the Darkmantle disguises itself as a stalactite, then drops on your head and tries to strangle you with its tentacles..."

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