FFG Present The Glorious Legend Of The Five Rings RPG Core Book

June 12, 2018 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has previewed the beautiful looking Core Book for the Legend Of The Five Rings Roleplaying Game.

Legends Of The Five Rings - FFG

The Core Book will come with everything you need to create characters and explore the world of Rokugan. Whilst the Beginner Game gives you plenty of options to get you started, this book takes things to the next level with a plethora of customisation options and a very cool questionnaire which helps you build the narrative behind your samurai.

Legends Of The Five Rings Open Book - FFG

The questions help to build up the background of your character but also the mechanical benefits that you'll enjoy in game too. You will also find a wonderful range of skills, talents and more for your characters to use during stories.

The Core Book also looks beautiful as you'll see in the preview above.

Additional Accessories

The Core Book release also comes out alongside some additional releases to help add to the game. Of course, you'll need some of the special dice.

Legends Of The Five Rings Dice Pack - FFG

And, as well as the special dice which help spell out the narrative aspects of the game, you also have a beautiful Game Master Screen which helps hide your intentions from the other players.

Legends Of The Five Rings Screen - FFG

This game is looking beautiful and it seems that Fantasy Flight Games has really put in the effort to make this feel like a very different role-playing game. It has all of the things that made the old role-playing game great but with a few twists to give it that edge of quality.

Are you going to be delving into the world of Rokugan?

"The Core Book also looks beautiful..."

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