FFG Talk Crafting Characters In Genesys Roleplaying Game

September 19, 2017 by brennon

Fantasy Flight Games have talked more about the character creation process in Genesys, their new open format for roleplaying games on the tabletop.


The focus of the character creation appears to be around storytelling and narrative action over a lot of number crunching, which is exactly what I like when it comes to a roleplay.

  • Step One: Character Background - This is usually the step I leave until later, but it helps flesh out your character to form his/her character.
  • Step Two: Archetype Or Species - Here is where you'd choose a setting specific Archetype or Species but the book comes with some including Labourer, Aristocrat, Intellectual and Average Human (the all-rounder).
  • Step Three: Choose Career - Your Career will give you the skills and determine a lot of what makes your character you. This will be determined by the setting you choose.
  • Step Four: Invest Experience Points - Much like with World of Darkness is appears you'll have a pool of points to spend which will allow you to customise your character some more.
  • Step Five: Derived Abilities - This is where you work out your wounds and strain threshold for all of those inevitable combats that are coming up.
  • Step Six: Character Motivation - Here is where things get more interesting again as you work out a Desire, Fear, Strength, and Flaw for your character. I like this step a lot as it's more character building and cues for your tabletop play.

There's more detail to these steps but you can find that out over on the Fantasy Flight website article linked above.

Character #1

The game, and indeed character creation, is sounding very much in my wheelhouse and could well become a roleplaying game I focus in on if the system holds up nicely too.

Character #2

The next step is seeing how each of the setting specific archetypes work out from the main rulebook and a more detailed look at the actual process of running a game. I have a feeling it's going to be similar to what we saw from Star Wars but with a few tweaks here and there.

What do you think of Genesys so far?

"The game, and indeed character creation, is sounding very much in my wheelhouse..."

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